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  • 23 ago 2019

  • a toronto condo tour or a small space hacks video? 👀 5 skincare tips that changed my life » red glossy lid editorial makeup tutorial » what i eat in a day » my carry-on packing tips » ________________________ FOLLOW ME ▹ TWITTER ‣ INSTAGRAM ‣ FACEBOOK ‣ SNAPCHAT ‣ WEBSITE ‣ BUSINESS INQUIRIES ‣ LISTEN TO MY PODCAST @PODDYTALKPODCAST ‣ ________________________ PRODUCTS MENTIONED ▹ KITCHEN CB2 Acrylic Chairs ‣ Vitamix Blender ‣ Gold Kettle ‣ Smeg Toaster ‣ Umbra Paper Towel Holder ‣ Umbra Soap Pump ‣ Umbra Kitchen Garbage Cans ‣ Umbra Cactus Bottle Opener ‣ LIVING ROOM Samsung TV ‣ Swivel Wall TV Mount ‣ Structube Media Unit ‣ Nest Thermostat ‣ Philips Hue Lightbulbs ‣ Loloi Rug Callie Shag Collection in Ivory ‣ Article Timpani Ottoman ‣ Article Belez Pillows ‣ Indigo Blanket ‣ Article Equa Side Table ‣ Saje Diffuser ‣ Article Embrace Chair ‣ Article Silicus Coffee Table ‣ Quartz Coasters (be careful some of mine broke. yikes) ‣ BALCONY CB2 Stone Side Table ‣ Article Beze Chair ‣ OFFICE CB2 Acrylic Table ‣ Ring Light ‣ Canon DSLR Camera ‣ Marble MacBook Cover ‣ Pier 1 Mirror ‣ BATHROOM Umbra Toothbrush Holder ‣ Umbra White + Silver Garbage Can ‣ Umbra Toilet Brush ‣ Umbra Shower Caddy ‣ ENTRANCE Umbra Hubba Mirror in Gold ‣ CB2 Skinny White Table Thing ‣ Article Tana Stool ‣ White Shoe Shelves ‣ Dyson V11 Vacuum ‣ BEDROOM Anthropologie Georgina Bedding ‣ Anthropologie Georgina Bed Skirt ‣ Anthropologie Georgina Pillows ‣ Ikea Bed Frame with Drawers ‣ Pier 1 Hayworth Headboard ‣ Atomic Design Pink Neon Light ‣ CB2 Bedside Table ‣ Umbra Clothes Hamper ‣ ________________________ WHAT I’M WEARING ▹ MAKEUP Foundation ‣ Concealer ‣ Powder ‣ Highlighter ‣ Bronzer ‣ Contour ‣ Blush ‣ Eyebrow pencil ‣ Eyebrow gel ‣ Eyeliner ‣ Mascara ‣ Lipliner ‣ Lip gloss ‣ Setting spray ‣ ________________________ FILMING EQUIPMENT ▹ Main Camera ‣ Secondary Camera ‣ Vlog Camera ‣ Lens ‣ Microphone ‣ Umbrella lights ‣ Ring light ‣ Memory card ‣ *I use affiliate links Shot + edited by me. ________________________________ Hi hi! My name is Jaclyn and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I make videos, paint faces, and talk way too loud. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ▹ ✰ ☺︎ ✌︎ ☼


  • Jaclyn Forbes
    Jaclyn Forbes 1 anno fa

    i need bobby berk to help me find a better solution for my office

  • Brittany Lamour
    Brittany Lamour 1 anno fa

    40 min house tour for a 1 bedroom apartment we love details 🤪

  • J MT
    J MT 1 anno fa (modificato)

    find someone who talks about you the way Jaclyn talks about her toaster 3 😂

  • libby chorney
    libby chorney 1 anno fa

    Jaclyn: hey Google, what time is it?

  • CeeLaa Vie
    CeeLaa Vie 1 anno fa

    Smeg needs to cut you a check because I’m ordering one right now 🤣

  • A B
    A B 1 anno fa

    jaclyn: a bägel

  • mohamed issa
    mohamed issa 9 mesi fa

    U made me

  • Jaclyn Forbes
    Jaclyn Forbes 1 anno fa

    also LOL someone help me i am way too obsessed w my vacuum

  • Connie R Montoya
    Connie R Montoya 3 mesi fa (modificato)

    Make that room your dining room, next to your living room, hide your camera's in your closet or bedroom

  •  1 anno fa

    OMG when you said "Hey google, what time is it?" my google home answered!!! ahahahaha! too funny...

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson 1 anno fa

    When I searched your name on the internet, I was surprised it didn’t say “bread connoisseur” 🤔😂

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson 1 anno fa (modificato)

    This makes me want to move out even more so I can get a gorgeous condo like yours ❤️ I’ll be sure to look for a gas stove when I do 😂 also, I have mirror storage too 🤟🏼

  • Laila Kilani
    Laila Kilani 1 anno fa

    You should get the alex desk from ikea, it's so big it can be used for make up and working, and drawers sets on the sides for ur makeup and work stuff love ur house😍😍😍

  • Zoe O
    Zoe O 1 anno fa

    another episode of jac reaping every lovely thing she deserves while she stays humble and welcoming. so much joy comes from this video. :)

  • misskvs
    misskvs 1 anno fa

    congrats on the condo Jaclyn!! it looks beautiful :)

  • Maria LS
    Maria LS 1 anno fa

    What a beautiful place, and so well organized!!!

  • Gold Pyramids Food & Travel Vlog
    Gold Pyramids Food & Travel Vlog 1 anno fa (modificato)

    ❤your new condo Jaclyn! It's perfect!

  • Vanessa Gaba
    Vanessa Gaba 1 anno fa

    I miss you’re old bathroom but your condo is adorable!

  • Shann
    Shann 7 mesi fa

    LOOOL when you said "hey google what time is it?" my google home answered.

  • Geraldinee
    Geraldinee 3 giorni fa

    I didnt realize that i watch this for 40 minutes. Without using wifi. Great.