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  • 6 gen 2020

  • Plenty of reality shows feature dramatic transformations, but few chronicle the intense metamorphoses that are documented on the popular TLC program My 600-lb Life. Here's the skinny on some of the most popular stars from the intense TLC reality show. What a journey it's been for Milla Clark, who weighed in at a whopping 751 pounds in her Season 4 episode of My 600-lb Life. In addition to that, she was confined to her bed, and relied on her children to tend to her most basic hygiene. To top it off, she hadn't left her home in two years, and couldn't stand on her own two feet. Fortunately, Clark was able to get the help she desperately needed. By the end of her episode, she was approved for weight loss surgery, having shed 150 pounds, and made the effort to stand up. But that was just the beginning, as she continued to steadily make some seriously dramatic progress. After multiple skin surgeries and a double knee replacement, Clark hit the 152 pound mark, according to her follow-up episode. That's a 600 pound difference, and a record breaker for the show! #My600LbLife #UnrecognizableStars Milla Clark | 0:17 Ashley Dunn Bratcher | 1:12 Chay Guillory | 2:14 Bettie Jo Elmore | 3:12


  • The List
    The List 8 mesi fa

    Who had the greatest transformation in your eyes?

  • Vintage Girl
    Vintage Girl 8 mesi fa

    I'm happy that they are doing better.

  • Hasmira Habibi
    Hasmira Habibi 8 mesi fa

    When I feel like eating McDonald’s this comes in my recommendation 😅

  • Cindy King
    Cindy King 8 mesi fa

    Never liked this show,it always sadden me to see these people so big that their poor children were forced to take care of them.

  • Brandon Brewer
    Brandon Brewer 8 mesi fa

    I love it when they get their life back!

  • Mira Fawn
    Mira Fawn 8 mesi fa

    The first lady 🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Linda Mulholland
    Linda Mulholland 8 mesi fa

    Just glad they have realized they need to lose the weight. Bless them for turning things around !

  • bree
    bree 8 mesi fa

    I thought on one of them they were gonna show a coffin-💀

    HNNGGGG 6 mesi fa

    literally one person in this video looked completely different

  • deleted xxx
    deleted xxx 8 mesi fa

    I’m glad they were able to make the change !

  • The GoatGRP
    The GoatGRP 7 mesi fa

    "heres the skinny" hahaha poor choice of words from the narrator in the intro

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug 8 mesi fa

    I do love this show for spreading awareness, showing the causes that lead to it, and sharing success stories :)

  • Brian Burnham
    Brian Burnham 7 mesi fa

    Congratulations to all. Nothing beats seeing other human beings doing well in life and living it to its fullest. May you all be blessed with happiness and health.

  • Veronica Elliott
    Veronica Elliott 8 mesi fa

    Thank you for the update because I was wondering what happened to those people. I am happy they are all doing much better.

  • RHF
    RHF 7 mesi fa

    I am so so proud of all these strong and determined people who make a move to change their life into a better and a healthier lifestyle 😭👏👏 god bless them and their families ❤

  • sportinlife jones
    sportinlife jones 7 mesi fa

    I’ve been on my own weight loss journey for the past 5 yrs and I can tell you unequivocally you have to get your mindset right about diet and exercise before you can truly have long term success. Many people have a “goal” weight and when they reach that they ease back on their diet and exercise and that’s when they gain it back. Its a lifestyle. Exercise and diet has to become a part of your routine like brushing your teeth.= you don’t feel right without doing it daily. Until you can develop that mindset you’ll yo-yo up and down according to your particular motivation at that point and time. Once you truly condition your mind to accept it as this is something I’ll do for the rest of my life = the weight comes off by itself. I threw my scale away 2 yrs ago. It’s not about a number on a scale. It’s about how you look and feel and how your clothes fit. I’ve been streadily losing since I developed that mindset and haven’t weighed myself. I just keep buying smaller sizes. I’m not even trying to lose weight anymore my body is just responding to my lifestyle. My wife keeps saying don’t lose any more weight and I tell her I’m not trying my body is taking itself to where it always should have been as a result of my lifestyle. I started at a 3x and I’m down to a large and almost down to a medium. That’s how i judge my progress. Sorry for the long winded word salad I usually don’t do this forgive me but just wanted to share my experience to maybe help someone who’s struggling because I’ve struggled. I didn’t start with that mindset but I developed it and I’m no better or smarter than anyone. Just a former fat guy who still works hard at it everyday. Good luck everyone who’s taking their own journey

  • S M
    S M 8 mesi fa

    How do these incapacitated obese folks afford homes, cars, and food if they're unable to work? Just wondering.

  • r3dv3lv3tc4k3
    r3dv3lv3tc4k3 8 mesi fa

    bettiejo kicked me off her fb page when i didnt want to donate $10 towards her weight loss goals

  • auress cosplay
    auress cosplay 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Update: Nikki Webster recently gained weight back. I follow her on instagram and now she’s 300 again

  • Artemis Luv
    Artemis Luv 1 giorno fa

    Dr now claimed she never had a tumor on her spine he said he did tests n xrays Betty still claimed she does have one so who knows what the truth really is