Mumford & Sons breakdown Blind Leading the Blind | Behind The Lyrics | Radio X Scarica

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  • 26 ott 2019

  • They're one of the biggest bands in the world, and Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons dropped by to talk us through the single Blind Leading The Blind. Watch Mumford & Sons interview with Gordon Smart now. Never miss a beat (or riff) by subscribing to Radio X here Get deeper into the music by visiting Radio X is the world’s best indie rock radio channel for music news, live performances and interviews with the world’s biggest rockstars. ❎NEW Uploads: ❎Most Googled Questions: ❎Behind The Lyrics: ❎Radio X - Live Sessions: ❎Gallagher Corner: ❎Track By Track: Subscribe for more!


  • Catalina Blajin
    Catalina Blajin 10 mesi fa

    Love them so much

  • Mechanical Arms
    Mechanical Arms 10 mesi fa

    Great band 🙌🎸🎶

  • Abigail Lissa
    Abigail Lissa 5 mesi fa

    Great song for the times we are living in

  • Mish B
    Mish B 10 mesi fa

    It's a great song!

  • Krispy52
    Krispy52 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Ben should just go full bald. He looks good here, Moby like. Plus he'll feel more free