MudTruck on $10,000 wheels goes to McDonald’s and Walmart and THEY LOVE IT Scarica

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  • 20 lug 2019

  • Carl the mud truck gets trailered into town and pampered for a day! McDonald’s employees hated us filming them but we were just spying on people like a buncha creeps so they had no reason to. #GOODCONTENTGANG


  • WhistlinDiesel
    WhistlinDiesel 1 anno fa

    UPDATE. McDonalds employees were rude but did not threaten to slash our tires 😂😂😂 They hated that we were filming the drive through lane for some reason

  • Govidz
    Govidz 1 anno fa

    This video should be called, “WhistlinDiesel leaves natural habitat and explores modern civilization” 😂

  • Kade Gerbers
    Kade Gerbers 8 mesi fa

    I was the one gawking at for a solid 2 minutes in the black Cummins😂😂 I remember being mind blown by Carl

  • Mark B
    Mark B 1 anno fa

    They wouldn’t be laughing if they saw the income that thing generates LOL

  • Slym P!ckens
    Slym P!ckens 1 anno fa

    When you dead broke but you still got your Versace sneakers

  • rturpening
    rturpening 1 anno fa

    I hate to admit how good the rolling shots look. You're kinda making a mockery of the "stanced" trucks, I love it.

  • Dominic Persuitte
    Dominic Persuitte 1 anno fa

    Here before it gets taken down due to GANG VIOLENCE

    ZSTRODE. 1 anno fa

    Take it to a truck show!

    ZSTRODE. 1 anno fa


  • Nitnuiq Tsew
    Nitnuiq Tsew 10 mesi fa

    Officer: Do you know how fast I clocked you?

  • KibbyLibby4951
    KibbyLibby4951 1 anno fa

    Remote control train horn! That. That. Would scare the shit out of people in a parking lot taking pictures

  • blappinOncoppaz
    blappinOncoppaz 1 anno fa

    Put 15" wheels on Carl with economy tires and go rock crawling

  • Phil Plank P1 Racing

    Take it to the dealership and try to do a trade in. You know the wheels are worth quite a bit🤔😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Vink
    Jeffrey Vink 1 anno fa

    I like the specialty forced wheels more on carl than on the dentside

  • United States bureau of investigation

    That ford still looks damn good all beat up!

  • Troy Albrecht
    Troy Albrecht 1 anno fa

    I'm surprised nobody put that thing on bricks and took the wheels off .

  • TheReal Trucker
    TheReal Trucker 1 anno fa (modificato)

    This has become my favorite youtube channel...and I don't regret a thing.

  • James Nugent
    James Nugent 1 anno fa

    "Did I leave anything in the bed" Is my favorite line from this video lmfao

  • Dallas Delano
    Dallas Delano 1 anno fa

    Carl is an absolute beast.

  • Dsdcain
    Dsdcain 1 anno fa

    Years ago (1988 tbh) my friend and I went mudding and after, we went to McDonalds and went through the drive through in reverse in the mud covered truck. It was around 11 at night and the place was dead, everybody working there was staring at us through the drive up window and laughing like hell. Ah, to be young again. Great videos man.