Moving to Mars (Utah) //13ft Scamp Trailer Scarica

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  • 9 apr 2019

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  • Mariah McQ
    Mariah McQ 1 anno fa

    I'm interested in a grocery shopping vlog. I'm intrigued with how you guys live well without a fridge while off grid. I struggle with meal ideas and I really like the way you guys eat.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 1 anno fa (modificato)

    You guys really inspire me. I have a 1980 scamp that my grandparents recently gifted to me. It's been in my family for some time now, but mostly just sat in some land in Northern Minnesota. We used to use it as a cabin, living in it as our weekend getaway spot. Now that it's mine, I can't wait to make some amazing changes to it. Of all the videos I've watched, you guys have inspired me the most. Thank you for these videos, and maybe some day we will meet.

  • David MacNaughton
    David MacNaughton 1 anno fa

    Love all the fun dancing. Moab is crazy busy all summer long. If you find yourself around crater lake hit me up my neice has a private camp spot.

  • Melva Williams
    Melva Williams 1 anno fa

    Elsa and happy you found a place to camp....but scamp the dog, there is something about him.....he look like he knows something only he knows about LoL.....

  • TJack Survival
    TJack Survival 1 anno fa

    Utah is a beautiful and amazing place with colours and shades you just can't see anywhere else that all mix at sunset.

  • Jack & Tracy Van Dolah

    You three are so adorable! I love the way you just adjust and move on.

  • Graciela ehc
    Graciela ehc 1 anno fa

    That Dance makes my day❤❤❤

  • eliteaviator
    eliteaviator 1 anno fa

    Utah is sick. North and south of the state have a ton of shiz to check out.

  • Meg Kay
    Meg Kay 1 anno fa

    Love your videos, I plan to be on the road in Oct, you're giving me so many great ideas! I hope to find a lot of hot springs to camp near. Would love to see a video about free hot springs.

  • Grayston Wadzinnski

    Hey guys! I'm 5 hours north of you in Ogden Utah, really pretty place! If you need anything my wife and I would love to help out! We are also doing a travel trailer conversion to a tiny home, you guys are an insparation!

  • TJack Survival
    TJack Survival 1 anno fa


  • Kaylee Smith
    Kaylee Smith 1 anno fa

    You both are the BEST youtubers I watch. And I don’t even know how many people I follow. Every single video of yours inspire me and make me feel passionate as hell. Love this so much. Safe travels from stupid stagnant NY!

  • rhondalyn134
    rhondalyn134 1 anno fa

    Very nice's great you point out one of the fastest growing issues with camping in general: too many campers, not enough space. With record numbers of rv's being sold that means it might become more and more difficult to find premium spots...boondocking or otherwise. But my name ain't Debbie Downer so keep on truckin'...there's always a way to freedom. :-)

  • moonlighter6
    moonlighter6 1 anno fa

    Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias) the Comedian owns over 50 VW buses.

  • Naeira K
    Naeira K 1 anno fa

    You look so happy dancing... I would be so too, finally getting To a warm place, instead of that cooold snow :p

  • Essentially Lau
    Essentially Lau 1 anno fa

    Looking forward to seeing the area through your lens :)

  • Erica Kester
    Erica Kester 1 anno fa

    Please please please do more videos like this! The editing style, story telling, and everything about it was phenomenal :)

  • Natalie Wilcox
    Natalie Wilcox 1 anno fa

    Yo as someone who does have at&t and lives in Utah- you are so right. It does suck here lol.

  • Karina -Oh!
    Karina -Oh! 11 mesi fa

    I've been watching you guys for a while and seeking your videos out when on youtube, but it wasn't until tonight that I subscribed to your channel. I guess I just couldn't resist your appeal at the end of the vid. I'm a 61 yr old widow living in Reading PA with her 18 yr old son. You guys are just too cute together and Kamp is a real cutie! ❤️ Happy travels to you all! 😁

  • Tiadaghton37
    Tiadaghton37 1 anno fa

    Well, I get upset when my hubby sleeps all night by the campfire while I am in the camper with our pup -- not anymore -- at least he's not hanging in a tree! Y'all be safe now!