Michael Addition Reaction / Organic Name Reaction Mechanism [ csir-net , Gate, IIT -JAM ] Scarica

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  • 12 lug 2019

  • # Michael addition reaction # Organic name reactions mechanism # Priyanka jain chemistry classes Other related videos- Organoborane Reagents- https://youtu.be/HGgG8Vh2Xts Reduction with boranes -https://youtu.be/3cQDqErJMl8 Osmium tetra oxide [ OsO4 ]- https://youtu.be/yAMWJcUVElQ Gilman Reagent - https://youtu.be/ORcJTs-JANg Wagner meerwein rearrangement- https://youtu.be/YPoo91opvqM Michael Addition Reaction - https://youtu.be/kc42tGxlFtI Mannich Reaction -https://youtu.be/a99tpiUk6Zs Julia olefination reaction -https://youtu.be/aDpC4WK_o6g Julia kocienski reaction -https://youtu.be/mxJH-To1Wbg Robinson Annulation Reaction -https://youtu.be/p4LMYZxSKoc Stork Enamine reaction -https://youtu.be/rrQ-LzoGZT8 Wittig reaction -https://youtu.be/ZT8kPTQAd0s Beckmann Rearrangement-https://youtu.be/m3QZzoRHkT4 Hoffmann loffler freytag reaction -https://youtu.be/ZvT8XArTfn0 Baeyer Villiger Oxidation https://youtu.be/uGATfQCaO6k- Chugaev Elimination Reaction -https://youtu.be/PvOSs28xjxw Other Playlists - Quantum mechanics , group theory , thermodynamics , electrchemistry , chemical kinetics , solids , surface chemistry ,spectroscopy , nmr spectroscopy , organic reagents, photochemistry , pericyclic reactions , organic reaction mechanism , biochemistry , organometallics , chemistry of transition metals , chemistry of p- block elements , solved problems from csirnet and gate exams


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    nicely explained, excellent mam.

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    Mam, please give answer to the last question in this video.

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    Thanks for the video.....I'm a student of chemistry honours 2nd year

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    Nitesh Kumar 9 mesi fa

    Arrow always come from negative charged to positive charge

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    Mam please can u teach us how to calculate no of ir signals for metal carbonyls

  • Husnain Jut
    Husnain Jut 2 mesi fa

    Mam your teaching method is so nice, but I have found one mistake in this video that is before the protonation it is Resonance, not Tautomerism. Baki sb perfect hai.

    SONI GUPTA 2 mesi fa

    Thankq mamm mamm plzs or reaction ka vedio bno for iit jam ke liye

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    Mem second year organic natural products cheppandi miru eppati varaku cheppina topics naku first year lo chala usefull avvayee tq u so much mem

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    Mam pls make a video on statistical thermodynamics, inner transition metal and transition metal

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    Mam diels alder reaction BHI pdha dijiye

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    Mam please make video on reaction mechanism

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    mam pls use more bond line structure to explain mechanism

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