Meth Injection: How Much Power Will It Give You? Scarica

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  • 26 ott 2017

  • Check out more videos: How much power will installing a meth injection kit on your car give you? In this episode, I'll explain what meth injection is and what to expect from installing a kit on your car.


  • Clayton Blanchard
    Clayton Blanchard 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    So, you actually didn't say anything and you took 4 minutes and 49 seconds to do it. Thanks a lot.

  • nick h
    nick h 2 anni fa

    Meth will give you all the power you need to stay up for 3 days straight 😂

  • Juan's Random Car Channel

    Well this was discouraging lol

  • H G
    H G 2 anni fa

    im shootin for 1,000,000 hp

  • skyler brown
    skyler brown 10 mesi fa

    This is the dumbest video I've seen.

  • Matthew Wakefield
    Matthew Wakefield 2 anni fa

    Why would anyone buy this and not tune? Such a negative video! Sure give the positives and negatives, but be clear that if you set your car up for this! It does exactly what it’s supposed too!

  • Gendo3s2k
    Gendo3s2k 1 anno fa

    Just wasted 4 minutes...

  • Randy Kauffman
    Randy Kauffman 1 anno fa

    One blast up the nose your good all day and night

  • Lee Bowerman
    Lee Bowerman 4 mesi fa

    Most pathetic video I have watched 5 minutes of my life wasted.

  • Flying Bricks
    Flying Bricks 1 anno fa

    I'm gonna run a meth kit for my turbo and get a personalized licence plate that says METHHED

  • prototype9000
    prototype9000 2 anni fa

    Methamphetamine injection

  • Brodey Dover
    Brodey Dover 1 anno fa

    Just did some dyno time and my 50/50 mix did not reduce power. This is on a 1.4 multiair

  • Handy Man
    Handy Man 2 mesi fa

    Great video, all so true.

  • Georgios Ioakeimidis

    Μy bmw m550d with snow performance stage 2 gives me 38 HP with 65/35 METHANOL- WATER

  • tortatorres
    tortatorres 2 anni fa

    i have a 2013 bmw 535i and i currently have snow performance wmi without a tune and i have notice strong gains on my car...

  • pietje keesje
    pietje keesje 4 mesi fa

    Not true, I’ve added a diy water injection and believe me it works very well especially when you use ammonia or isopropanol, ethanol or methanol is also fine.

  • G W
    G W 1 anno fa

    I love the honesty and you told me what I know and some! Do you think a newer 2016 5.0 with exhaust and cold air intake plus a good tune would benefit from this? I see some n/a guys run e85 on them I know it's different but similar. Should I expect loss of power? Any opinions?

  • Cody
    Cody 1 anno fa

    Also... If you're doing a turbo conversion on a standard naturally aspirated engine with really high compression ratio (anywhere from 10:1 to 13:1) then the added "boost" from the turbo has a much higher chance of causing detonation and/or "knock" even at low psi... Adding a meth injection system will help you to increase boost while avoiding detonation and knock.

  • Oskar Movilla
    Oskar Movilla 1 anno fa

    Totally wrong!!!! Any turbo car without a custom tune will definitively gain power having W/M injection kit installed. Same boost pressure with colder air means more air into the cylinder. More air along with more fuel (from methanol) means more power. Not only that, if meth injected before IAT sensor, the ecu will correct the timing advance for the colder air taking full advantage of it.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 2 anni fa

    100% disagree in my case i fitted 50/50 kit 0.5mm jet and ran the car a few weeks before my wideband gauge arrived for me to tune and i picked up 20hp easy all day long and no heat soaking problems so hp would not drop no matter how hard i drove the car ... after tuning picked up lots more hp ... i will never NEVER !!! drive a turbo charged car again with out running a 50/50 kit .