Mac Miller - Self Care Scarica

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  • 12 lug 2018

  • Directed by Christian Weber SWIMMING is available now. Get it here:


  • BlackySpeakz
    BlackySpeakz 2 anni fa

    Holy shit man.. Rest in peace brother.

  • SirSmickz
    SirSmickz 2 giorni fa

    him smoking with his limited supply of oxygen is a metaphor for him knowing that when he commits to selfcare he will always get out of the thing that is bothering him imo

  • Manda Doty
    Manda Doty 1 mese fa

    “I got all the time in the world” gets me every time. It’s a reminder that no matter how young/old you are, tomorrow isn’t promised.

  • JohnKhalifaMaan
    JohnKhalifaMaan 1 settimana fa

    Who imagined that this is the Mac's way of saying goodbye to people?

  • Nehemiah Perez
    Nehemiah Perez 1 giorno fa

    It’s kind of upsetting that he died only two months later. Miss u mac

    TRILLPHONK 2 anni fa

    Damn... rest easy Mac

  • Magic Cookies
    Magic Cookies 1 mese fa

    Just got into this dude today. Sucks he’s gone.

  • Tegan McCauley
    Tegan McCauley 1 settimana fa

    i just started listening to him 2 years after he died. RIP M.M

  • TJ Palm
    TJ Palm 2 settimane fa

    “I got stuck in oblivion”

  • emil0
    emil0 1 settimana fa (modificato)

    Mac: is in a coffin with limited oxygen

  • Atozy
    Atozy 2 anni fa

    I still can't believe it's real.

  • TrioSoccer Group
    TrioSoccer Group 2 settimane fa

    It amazes me how Mac proved everybody wrong. They were saying that he was just a "party rapper" and that he was corny. The moment he proved his talent was with the release of WMWTSO, I think people respected him from then on. The swimming album really showed how creative Mac was, and I believe he has changed a lot of lives through his music. In my mind, he's a musical genius.

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    just image how many people come here everyday.

  • The Red Knight
    The Red Knight 2 settimane fa

    Not gonna cap like some of these people calling themselves day ones, wish I found him before he passed, his music is just a different vibe.

  • Fale222
    Fale222 2 settimane fa

    Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza: " They can't

    FROAT 2 anni fa

    I'm still missing him and I'm still coming every day to chill with my guy

  • Denis M
    Denis M 2 settimane fa

    still can't believe he's gone, for ever a legend, been singing all his songs every day

  • AZ Scratcher Elite
    AZ Scratcher Elite 2 settimane fa

    Amazing he's in a coffin in this. Wish someone would have caught on before he passed. Gone to young. RIP Mac. Hope you are keeping the audience upstairs happy like you did while you were down here on Earth.

  • Matthew Daughety
    Matthew Daughety 1 mese fa

    I never listen to Mac Miller while he was still alive, I was brought to believe rappers are all the same, mumbo jumbo auto tune. And when I found Mac it changed. My list of greatest regrets aren't very big, but this... This is one of them.

  • Will Belokur
    Will Belokur 3 settimane fa

    It’s so sad because he was just a kid......