Love & Hip Hop: New York | Season 10 Official Super Trailer | Premieres December 16 8/7c Scarica

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  • 6 dic 2019

  • New York City is going back to where it all began. Season 10 of Love & Hip Hop: New York premieres December 16 at 8/7c on VH1. Subscribe to the brand new VH1 Love & Hip Hop YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on anything this season. #VH1 #LHH #LHHNY More from Love & Hip Hop: Official Website: Like Love & Hip Hop on Facebook: Follow Love & Hip Hop on Instagram : Follow Love & Hip Hop on Twitter:


  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 9 mesi fa

    Safaree and Erica need to protect their marriage and get off the show.

  • SimplisticGrace
    SimplisticGrace 9 mesi fa

    “ My ex is putting my ex with his ex” whewww chile thats a line I never thought was possible.

  • londongirle3
    londongirle3 9 mesi fa

    So I’m the only one that noticed how healthy and thick Chrissy’s hair is?!

  • geelvpe
    geelvpe 9 mesi fa

    Remy ma shouldve grew out of this show like cardi did.

  • Taiyah Jackson
    Taiyah Jackson 9 mesi fa

    Remy and Papoose stay the most unproblematic people in the show.

  • GC
    GC 9 mesi fa

    When cyn said “ my ex is playing cupid with my ex & his ex” i was like “ouch that gotta hurt”.

  • Sherry Beckley
    Sherry Beckley 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    How Chrissy develop real estate in Miami but don’t know her house is in foreclosure? 🤔 Girl bye 👋

  • Miss Dee
    Miss Dee 9 mesi fa

    Yeah, I don't think Tahiry cares about Joe. She just wanted to be back on tv. lol.

  • kemingo55
    kemingo55 9 mesi fa

    This show is designed to make people look IGNORANT, Its low Intelligence tv.

  • TymetheInfamous
    TymetheInfamous 9 mesi fa


  • LaughWithMarlin
    LaughWithMarlin 9 mesi fa

    This feels like a damn all stars season. Chrissy Kimbella Tahiry Erica Remy Cyn

  • King Tut
    King Tut 9 mesi fa

    Why mena look like she lost 20 pounds in her face

  • canessa johnson
    canessa johnson 9 mesi fa

    Juju is in all her scenes just staring at people. She's the peer mediator. 🤣

  • Marcell Miller
    Marcell Miller 9 mesi fa

    The headlines shoulda read “The embarrassments continue Monday December 16th” lol

  • I c
    I c 9 mesi fa

    I feel so bad for Cyn... Nothing like giving your heart to someone who still sees another one as the ultimate prize.. Am a black woman but it can happen to anyone... It'll really depress her. I hope Joe gets the karma he deserves. He kind of used Cyn..

  • Tova Thorpe
    Tova Thorpe 9 mesi fa

    Rich needs to stop...he did not create Erica...she's just the only one that dumped him and didnt look back

  • Kerra Johnson
    Kerra Johnson 9 mesi fa

    Mena is dead wrong for trying to reunite Joe & Tahiry. Goes to show she never cared for Cyn to begin with. 😕

  • jerseygrlsbthafinest

    I’m only coming back for my girl

  • blaLaLa
    blaLaLa 9 mesi fa

    Rich has some issues. Hes still talking about "creating" Erica?

  • SupremeDreamss
    SupremeDreamss 9 mesi fa

    I see Mona put her listening ears on when people were saying to bring the OGs back lol