LOLBIT VS FOXY - who's the murderer?! - Scarica

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  • Trasmesso in live streaming il giorno 25 gen 2020

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  • May Kovner
    May Kovner 7 mesi fa


  • Heather Snowden
    Heather Snowden 7 mesi fa

    i missed the stream when it was live ;-; :(

  • Autumn Lower
    Autumn Lower 7 mesi fa

    For you...

  • Zombozy As
    Zombozy As 7 mesi fa (modificato)

    I missed the stream ;_; :(

  • beefly
    beefly 7 mesi fa

    I missed it cuz I wanted to nap but I didn’t wake up at 4 :’(

  • Millie Moo
    Millie Moo 4 mesi fa

    I’ve been watching 14 mins and it’s already glitched 200 times

  • Bendy The Ink Demon


  • Dark gaming
    Dark gaming 7 mesi fa

    Foxy when I saw you at the end of the hall I was so scared

  • tu monito Lopez
    tu monito Lopez 7 mesi fa

    I missed the stream 😭😭

  • Distya Fihinna Gitrie


  • liz faith
    liz faith 7 mesi fa

    welp, I feel dumb sense I forgot to download minecraft, OOF welp, dats fine :3

  • Nakkita Hanson
    Nakkita Hanson 7 mesi fa

    I mist the stream!😭😭😭😭

  • Egoza Видео
    Egoza Видео 7 mesi fa

    CS:GO at Minecraft?

  • philoxphobia
    philoxphobia 7 mesi fa

    I'm late because I was celebrating my birthday

  • LukasCraftMC
    LukasCraftMC 7 mesi fa

    Foxy how can be there another owner than you guys i saw someone that has a tag of the owner

  • Chad Boggs
    Chad Boggs 7 mesi fa

    I wish they would make one of the animatronic skins free that way I can be like one of them

  • Walter Gerling
    Walter Gerling 4 mesi fa

    Why dose Funtime foxy have a semi automatic drum gun, in the title screen?

  • Withered foxy and her the pirates crew

    Hey foxy in the next live stream can you get everybody like spring-trap, bonbon, baby, ballora, baby Funtime Freddy, security guard, candy cadet, El chip, pigpatch and I guess most of the valence please the next live stream

  • Christian White
    Christian White 7 mesi fa

    I just got a idea what if you did a episode where you or Lolbit become a 9 tailed fox

  • DRIP Cuddle
    DRIP Cuddle 7 mesi fa

    YOUR PIZZERIA hmmm BABY!! We need you back!!