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  • 22 ott 2018

  • Based on a few of my student's questions and comments, I recorded this short Spanish video explaining the use of LO in Spanish in a brief and simple way. Begin full Spanish course from class 1: https://youtu.be/Sd7fZia_nEk Visit the index of Spanish lessons & quizzes: https://spanishfreelessonsonline.com/...


  • Lupita Vega
    Lupita Vega 1 anno fa (modificato)

    My german teacher told me that Spanish was the most difficult language to learn for him...

  • mimi abdo
    mimi abdo 7 mesi fa


  • Axel boldman.
    Axel boldman. 1 anno fa

    profe usted cree que los americanos batallan mas para aprender español o nosotros para aprender ingles?

  • The Chosen Generation

    Hello professor , I was wondering, how do you know when to use 'le' or 'lo'?

  • B K
    B K 1 anno fa

    ¿y qué con una expresión "voy a matarlo"?

  • MegaBISP
    MegaBISP 2 settimane fa

    wow. you explained in 5 minutes what I haven't been able to figure out for weeks! thank you so much!

  • jorge espinoza
    jorge espinoza 1 anno fa

    Hola profe dime se puede descargar el curso y luego escucharlo sin internet ?

  • Daveli
    Daveli 1 anno fa

    Teacher, ¿puedes hacer la comparación de predicciones con "Will /Going to" ? Gracias :)

  • Keeping Focus
    Keeping Focus 4 mesi fa

    So what about phrases like "damelo"?

  • Elfe Bobaca
    Elfe Bobaca 1 anno fa

    Decir “ella es una mesa” puede ser gramaticalmente correcto (?) pero no se usa ni suena bien. Lo usual es decir “esa/esta es una mesa”

  • Joydeep Dan
    Joydeep Dan 1 anno fa

    Hello sir, siento means 'I feel', "lo siento" should be I feel it. How is it "i 'm Sorry"?

  • Michael Beauparlant

    what happens if it means he is a direct object pronoun?

  • Iggy Iggz
    Iggy Iggz 1 anno fa

    Hey. Can you please discribe when to use the word 'se'?

  • Serhii Kovchenko
    Serhii Kovchenko 10 mesi fa

    Love your lessons!

  • Berg Calliente
    Berg Calliente 1 anno fa

    Why did You put "se" in the last example? It makes no sense. "I gave it to him"-we shouldn't insert "se" in this sentence.

  • Gerlinde Rosensteiner

    ella es una mesa XD

  • George Brown
    George Brown 2 mesi fa

    “El es un perro” and “ella es una mesa” don’t sound right at all because it can be taken as “he is a dog” and “she is a table”, I haven’t heard el or ella used as “it”, is this uncommon?

  • MC_lynne
    MC_lynne 2 mesi fa

    oh me vengo

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson 1 anno fa

    Hello Professor... One thing that confuses me about 'lo', is sometimes it appears to be used as "I' instead of "it".