Lizzo - Fitness (Official Video) Scarica

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  • 29 mar 2018

  • The official video for Lizzo's "Fitness" Out Now! Download/Stream: Credits Director – Quinn Wilson Video Commissioner/VP Video Production – Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop Associate Director, Video Administration – Lily F Thrall Coordinator, Video Content – Austin Gomez Assistant, Video Production – Trevor Joseph Newton Subscribe for more content from Lizzo: Follow Lizzo The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records and Nice Life artist Lizzo. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. Born in Houston and raised in Detroit, Lizzo adopted her moniker in 2011 and fronted Lizzo & the Larva Ink after moving to Minneapolis. Her work began to intertwine with the city's indie scene, allowing her to work with artists like Gayngs and Doomtree. Since then, Lizzo has collaborated with a variety of creatives--Clean Bandit, Bastille, and Big Freedia, to name a few--and was named one of Forbes Magazine's 2018 "30 Under 30". Her top singles "Good As Hell" and "Truth Hurts" have gained over 34.5 million Spotify streams combined. In addition to headlining her own Good As Hell tour in 2017, Lizzo joined Haim on the Sister Sister Sister tour in 2018. Subscribe for the latest official music videos, official audio videos, performances, bts and more from Lizzo: #Lizzo #Fitness #OfficialVideo #AtlanticRecords #Atlantic Listen to Best of Lizzo playlist ➤ Watch Lizzo’s Official Music Videos ➤ Dance At Home Music from Lizzo ➤


  • Anita Vanessa Sun
    Anita Vanessa Sun 1 anno fa

    lizzo: "But I don't do this for you"

  • D
    D 1 anno fa

    Next time I go to the gym,....I'm wearing leather and a veil.

  • Marie
    Marie 9 mesi fa

    As a pole dancer, I love that "I don't do this for you" was written over a girl on the pole. Nope, I don't do that for anybody but me.

  • Cloudia Foxe
    Cloudia Foxe 1 anno fa

    Body shaming: exist

  • Leanna Mae
    Leanna Mae 1 anno fa

    Me after lifting one weight

  • Jocelyn Devereaux
    Jocelyn Devereaux 1 anno fa

    My boyfriend tried to get me to eat a burger at 10 pm. I told him no thank you and he was like, you’re good now. You can stop ( he was referring to my weight). I ignored him but in my head I was like, “ but I don’t do this for youuuuuuuuu!”.

  • tori248
    tori248 1 anno fa

    This song makes me wanna excersize just so I can listen to it while doing it

  • Edzia130
    Edzia130 1 anno fa

    She is a medicine. She should be prescribed by doctors - in large doses!

  • Ad1
    Ad1 7 mesi fa

    Me:I am so fat,I hate myself

  • hoot hoot
    hoot hoot 1 anno fa

    I actually got kinda confused and emotional seeing girls who look like me be so effing hot and on point and everything I thought I couldn't be. Much love lizzo

  • Meihelani Itaaehau
    Meihelani Itaaehau 9 mesi fa

    Some people don't see the difference between this and a video that objectifies women. The only difference is I dont do this for yooooooooooooou

  • mac and her cam
    mac and her cam 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Thanks lizzo, I’ve lost 14 pounds now ♥️

  • expatcanuck79
    expatcanuck79 8 mesi fa

    Damn. This is the song I needed when I was 27, 6' and 185 after my first child, and my husband asked me when I was going to "lose the baby weight".

  • DJUniMekaju
    DJUniMekaju 1 anno fa

    I like how she's saying she is doing her best to have good health but also accepts whatever form she ends up in, whether temporary or permanent. As someone with illnesses that have caused my obesity, I do my best to get healthy for myself so I can enjoy my life to the fullest. And while I have experienced positive changes, my size hasn't changed much. Although it's frustrating, I am grateful to have improved in some ways and I am coming to accept this body as a body that is doing its best and improving.

  • Jessica Wardlaw
    Jessica Wardlaw 8 mesi fa

    I want a crop top saying I DON'T DO THIS FOR YOU in big letters 🔥🔥

  • Bi_Topia
    Bi_Topia 5 mesi fa

    everyone in this video had me questioning my sexuality. Had to remind myself im gay

  • Amirah Burford
    Amirah Burford 11 mesi fa

    Love how she got different women of all shades and sizes

  • Sasha Velazquez-Morales

    Body shaming has left the chat

  • Bangtan Insfired
    Bangtan Insfired 1 anno fa

    I love how she didn't focus on big body representation alone

  • Kat
    Kat 3 mesi fa

    The pole dancer's stare was absolutely transfixing. Woman exuded confidence and control, shiiit.