Living in a Beautiful Shipping Container Home in the City Scarica

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  • 31 ago 2019

  • The Black Star is Toronto's first shipping container home, designed and built by Carl and Ana. It's a hybrid structure with three used shipping containers forming one half of the house, and the other half is a conventional build, but it's floating above the restaurant that the couple own, using pillars to support it. Our video about building homes with shipping containers: This build turned out beautifully and we loved checking out the interior and exterior design. We also chatted quite a bit with Carl and Ana about the process of building this home, and the advantages and challenges of building a house using containers. They say the biggest challenges were insulating the containers, connecting them to another structure, and finding a way to drop them between two buildings and from a narrow alley way. To see more photos of the build, check out Carl's website: To find out more about Ana's yoga classes, check out Beleza Yoga: The Harlem Underground Restaurant: The containers in this video were modified by Storstac: Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ------------------------------------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------- Blog: Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives ------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS ------------------------------------------------------------- We want our channel and our comments section to be an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to watch and to contribute. For this reason, comments that are inappropriate or hateful will be reported and/or deleted. Please discuss and debate with respect, and report inappropriate or hateful comments directly to YouTube. ------------------------------------------------------------- SUBTITLES AND CLOSED CAPTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to our subtitle and closed captions contributors! If you would like to contribute subtitles or closed captions to an Exploring Alternatives video, please click here to see which ones need your help: If you have any questions about adding subtitles and closed captions, please email us at ------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSORS ------------------------------------------------------------- We occasionally include paid sponsor messages/integrations in our videos to help fund the channel. We do our best to work with companies and organizations that offer products or services that are in line with our values, and that we think would be interesting and useful to you, our viewers. We will always disclose if we’re promoting products that were given to us for free, or if we’re including a sponsored message in a video. For business or sponsorship inquiries, please email us at ------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------- Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives. Editing Credits: Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives Filming Credits: Video filmed by Mat of Exploring Alternatives Drone footage provided by Storstac: Timelapse filmed by Susie Jaroszewska Photos of the build provided by Carl and Ana:


  • Exploring Alternatives

    Thanks for watching! If you want to see the video we did with Anthony from Storstac about the pros and cons of building with shipping containers, you can take a peek here:

  • rika
    rika 1 anno fa

    Five kids, running a restaurant, and doing the build yourself? Wow. Incredible couple.

  • Jemma D
    Jemma D 1 anno fa

    I would have liked a better tour of the actual home. Just tantalizing glimpses in the video, but no real sense of what was where. You know, for those of us who aren't really interested in the how of the construction, but love to see the finished product. ;)

  • brewatch
    brewatch 1 anno fa

    The house is gorgeous, but I'm most impressed by the sliding ladder in the kitchen!

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 1 anno fa

    Now, THAT is 'DIY' at a whole new level!

  • TuckerTurkey
    TuckerTurkey 1 anno fa

    This shows what compatible couples can achieve

  • Steph Elisabeth
    Steph Elisabeth 1 anno fa

    It's gorgeous and it was a really smart move on their part. I bet they saved so much money. Definitely something for small business owners to give consideration to.

  • Valora Abbett
    Valora Abbett 1 anno fa

    What a cool couple! They built an absolutely beautiful and unique home. Very inspiring! :)

  • Gomez Addams
    Gomez Addams 1 anno fa (modificato)

    What a great job I'm very proud of these people. I am a country person at heart but if I lived in the city this is definitely something I would love to do. And if I had a restaurant down below I sure as heck would be having enough little flowers and veggies growing on the roof to add to my dishes at the restaurant👣🥦✌👍🏼

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    They're about an hour west of me. It's good to see this project done and how they did it. Government is a complete scam and a nightmare. Great video! Well done to the owners.

  • Michele Westover
    Michele Westover 1 anno fa

    Great job but I would’ve liked a room by room tour

  • Freedom Strider
    Freedom Strider 1 anno fa

    It's great that you two brought a Shipping container community to the center of a big city I love it :D

  • Sophia4Christ
    Sophia4Christ 1 anno fa

    Jamaica! I'm happy for my fellow countryman and his family! 😄👌🏽🇯🇲💯👍🏽

  • tiki lebby
    tiki lebby 1 anno fa

    Brilliant and stunning. Wow, what an incredible accomplishment!

  • 1 11
    1 11 1 anno fa

    Extremely interesting. Delightful

  • Micah Mitchell
    Micah Mitchell 1 anno fa

    Absolutely LOVE the kitchen ladder; how it has the under-the-counter rail system like a classic library ladder!!!

  • Olga Samchuk
    Olga Samchuk 1 anno fa

    So awesome house! They don't spent time of life to use transport to get work place. And the interior is great!

  • Prudence Campbell
    Prudence Campbell 1 anno fa

    Brilliant. The interior is gorgeous. It took a long time but they persevere

  • nuvamusic
    nuvamusic 1 anno fa

    Beautiful interior design/decor, quite contrasting the outside though.

  • Strylover
    Strylover 1 anno fa

    Nice place. It has a very modern, airy and spacious feel. I would like to know which part of the build was container construction and which part was conventional, however. It was hard to tell on the inside because of all the built in walls. Very nice space though.