*LIVE* The WORST Car Parts You Can Buy Scarica

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  • Trasmesso in live streaming il giorno 29 gen 2020

  • ADD YOUR CAR TO OUR ONLINE FITMENT GALLERY: https://www.fitmentindustries.com/add... Today Dakota, Gels take a browse around the internet and take a look at some of the worst parts that you can buy for your car. Subscribe here► https://bit.ly/2x8fvNX Browse our wheel selection: https://bit.ly/2Imgo9B We have suspension too: https://bit.ly/2ChmsRw Upload pictures of your car to our gallery: https://bit.ly/2obqAZQ Check out more videos like this! https://www.youtube.com/fitmentindust...


  • KiraOnii Chan
    KiraOnii Chan 7 mesi fa

    I want to see someone build a car from the ground up using nothing but Wish lol

    HUGGLE BUNN1E 7 mesi fa (modificato)

    For the love of god buy a beater and get 1k of wish “performance” mods plzzzzz

  • frozzzty
    frozzzty 7 mesi fa

    I once got a wish ad for a entire rear end assembly of a car. For $73. What a steal


    1. Type-R badges for a non Type-R vehicle

  • Rhys Sams
    Rhys Sams 7 mesi fa

    Review cars from wish, we need it

  • Joey Slayton
    Joey Slayton 7 mesi fa

    I was detailing a car at work the other day and some lady actually has those fuzzy seat covers🤣🤣

  • Sergio Hurtado
    Sergio Hurtado 7 mesi fa

    Omg!! Dude this was awesome! Also thanks for uploading these for those of us who cant see these live

  • Lucian Moon
    Lucian Moon 7 mesi fa (modificato)

    Im at work watching this lmao and my coworker is looking at me funny...thanks guys lol

  • GTpro
    GTpro 7 mesi fa

    OMG I was DYING listening to this live stream with the hilarious product descriptions so much that I had to pause the video (not watching it live) to take a break for a few min. XD

  • .
    . 7 mesi fa

    "You sweat a lot... you might wanna slim down" cue flashbacks to gym class

  • swizzy
    swizzy 7 mesi fa

    You guys should buy a beater car to slap these mods on. I think it’d make great content

  • ThatOneDrummer
    ThatOneDrummer 6 mesi fa (modificato)

    Those $420 coilovers are actually pretty decent! I shamefully vouch for them, lmao!

  • Travis Wells
    Travis Wells 7 mesi fa

    This is hilarious

  • Real KnightGod
    Real KnightGod 3 mesi fa (modificato)

    The "German Master" 🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩 WTF

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young 7 mesi fa

    Get yourself some audio-technica at2020’s

  • Luke keplinger
    Luke keplinger 4 settimane fa

    Tell me why all the 6mo ago posts be hitting

  • Visual
    Visual 7 mesi fa

    Not sure if you guys read this. But can you guys make an educational video about "debeading" what does that mean. How does it happen? What is a bead? In a tire? Etc.

  • Michael Dotson
    Michael Dotson 7 mesi fa

    Turns out, yall dont have suspension for a Z31

  • Michael Simoneau
    Michael Simoneau 6 mesi fa

    donut media did 2 full nissan Z build with realy good parts vs ebay garbo its dope

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young 7 mesi fa

    What camera are you guys using?