LG C8 55 Inch 4K Cinema HDR OLED TV Unboxing , Setup & Initial Review - The best TV Review Scarica

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  • 23 lug 2019

  • LG C8 55 Inch 4K Cinema HDR OLED TV Unboxing , Setup & Initial Review - The best TV of 2018 Review Specifications : • LG ThinQ® AI | Google Assistant • LG α9 Intelligent Processor • LG OLED Display • 4K Cinema HDR • Dolby Atmos® • Magic Remote


  • Ahsan Agha
    Ahsan Agha 11 mesi fa

    It's a great review, also you have great strength to remain in squat positon for around 6 minutes.

  • Priyanka Joshi
    Priyanka Joshi 1 mese fa

    Sir, What is the best price you got? I am planning to buy this TV. Went into showroom and absolutely loved it. Will I need a soundbar for better sound or it sounds good with its inbuilt configuration?

  • mattin
    mattin 6 mesi fa

    I always feel uncomfortable with a hanging tv 😂

  • Technical Rehan
    Technical Rehan 2 mesi fa

    OMG..... No words👍❤️

  • Alan Rajan
    Alan Rajan 1 giorno fa

    Can I use set top box in this tv.?

  • Arunabh Dutta
    Arunabh Dutta 1 mese fa

    Ashish bro can you suggest me one for playing online games without any lag and with extreme graphics

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar 2 mesi fa

    Sir please make one review video of your tv

  • Alan Rajan
    Alan Rajan 1 giorno fa

    Which Tatasky box r u using ?

  • TheSoymas
    TheSoymas 11 mesi fa

    abu and new lg tv

    HELPING HANDS 4 mesi fa

    ओह really lg has professional engineer on oled panel 😂😂

  • Nicks24
    Nicks24 5 mesi fa

    Plz make a long term review with burn in?

  • sheik muzzamill
    sheik muzzamill 1 mese fa

    Can u make review of u r tv now can u share u r pros and cons sir...? Waiting for ur reply

  • Vignesh Raja
    Vignesh Raja 3 mesi fa

    Revert me

  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar 10 mesi fa

    bc 😜

  • Preetham Paritala
    Preetham Paritala 3 mesi fa

    Is there any difference in picture processing or quality difference between lg c9 and lg b9

  • Kedar Pakhare
    Kedar Pakhare 6 mesi fa (modificato)

    What would you recommend, buying this OLED TV on Flipkart/Amazon where they are offering around 25% discount as of today or going to an actual distributor like Vijay sales and buying from them?

  • dhaval Vora
    dhaval Vora 1 mese fa

    Thanks, Just i wanted to know i want to purchase new 32inch TV and i have a fire stick 4K which one should i go for buy please provide your suggestion to help us

  • Human finisher
    Human finisher 3 mesi fa

    You speak like my physics teacher

  • Starks
    Starks 11 mesi fa

    Review iPhone 11 pro

  • Bharat Sumanth
    Bharat Sumanth 7 mesi fa

    Can we install Sun Nxt app Zee5?