Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go (Audio) Scarica

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  • 22 nov 2019

  • "Before You Go" by Lewis Capaldi. Buy this on iTunes to support him. ➤ Listen to our Coral Reef Sounds PLAYLIST on Spotify: https://goo.gl/hFgMAj ➤ or our Country Music playlist for more great music: https://goo.gl/kM8qTP


  • Coral Reef Sounds
    Coral Reef Sounds 9 mesi fa

    "Before You Go" by Lewis Capaldi. Buy this on iTunes to support him.

  • Esther Ayewoh
    Esther Ayewoh 9 mesi fa

    Ed Sheeran + James Arthur = Lewis Capaldi🥰

  • Alex Colley
    Alex Colley 7 mesi fa

    The fact this songs about his aunts suicide makes it so much sadder

  • J Dlc
    J Dlc 9 mesi fa

    No one will ever understand what love does to you if you’ve never been in love with the right person. True love only comes once in a life time.

  • ButterfliesR free
    ButterfliesR free 9 mesi fa

    Beautiful song and Lewis is always Amazingly Incredible. Love this

  • Leslie Davis
    Leslie Davis 9 mesi fa

    Love the song 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mae Kaderly
    Mae Kaderly 9 mesi fa

    You did say all the words that made my heart feel better and beat fo you r your actions didnt tho and i dont know why but i understand

  • Kate Coppin
    Kate Coppin 9 mesi fa

    Lewis, does it again 🙌🏻🔥♥️

  • Kelise Mikayla
    Kelise Mikayla 3 mesi fa

    Those 17 dislikes need to go this song makes me emotional😭 and it hits HARD

  • Garry Eldred
    Garry Eldred 9 mesi fa

    Wow, just Wow!!!😍

  • Windsaint
    Windsaint 9 mesi fa

    ❤️ Before you go ❤️

  • Melinda Pemberton
    Melinda Pemberton 9 mesi fa


  • Terezinha Ferrera
    Terezinha Ferrera 9 mesi fa

    So beautiful song!🥰🥰🥰I loved it ❤❤❤

  • Bridgette Smith
    Bridgette Smith 9 mesi fa

    I love u chris smith

  • Thera Collins
    Thera Collins 9 mesi fa

    Beautiful song 😍

  • Patricia Brown
    Patricia Brown 1 mese fa

    People hes not the next ed sheeran he is the first Lewis

  • Dylan Gallagher
    Dylan Gallagher 7 mesi fa


  • Terri Stanley
    Terri Stanley 9 mesi fa

    Ino you care for me but you want the right thing for your family, and that's a good thing for you to do. I have a hard time letting go but you are right you do what's best for you. Your friend, always.

  • Pamela Maloy
    Pamela Maloy 9 mesi fa


  • Terri Stanley
    Terri Stanley 9 mesi fa

    I don't think you have any intention of being with me.bcyiu just have a kind heart and don't want to hurt a friend