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  • 2 lug 2019


  • CDTVProductions
    CDTVProductions 1 anno fa (modificato)

    thank you for covering this, JayStation, N&A Productions etc. are the lowest of the low

  • Magma Beef
    Magma Beef 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    “Pyro was right” - Muta

  • martin killi
    martin killi 3 mesi fa

    Reasons why you should stay alive.

  • MattO
    MattO 3 settimane fa

    It will piss me off when Jaystation and N and A Productions does this to Chadwick Boseman.

  • Tam
    Tam 1 mese fa (modificato)

    Even after a year It still disgusts me what people will do for a “quick cash grab”

  • Dolan Dark
    Dolan Dark 1 anno fa

    N&A Productions is somehow more robotic than Zuckerberg

  • Bro army General
    Bro army General 2 mesi fa

    I was a fan of etika he made my get smash bros and His advice got me my wonderful girlfriend but people like Jay station and n and a productions are so disrespectful I’m glad Jay station go cancelled and kicked off youtube

  • Mr. Clockman
    Mr. Clockman 2 settimane fa

    Someone’s probably gonna comment: “wE LiVe In A sOciEtY”

  • ElWeZ
    ElWeZ 3 settimane fa

    Pyro is actually one of the few people on the internet that has a brain

  • Flop Studios
    Flop Studios 3 mesi fa

    Jaystation looks possessed with that blood in his eye. Super creepy

  • EPiC Memes
    EPiC Memes 1 anno fa (modificato)

    “Are people gonna think this is a joke man”

  • Jackson Serr
    Jackson Serr 2 settimane fa

    I still miss him. Life isn’t the same without his streams

  • urboismemes
    urboismemes 4 mesi fa

    Let's all admit, if imjaystation dies Alot of us are going to do a 3am video of us acting brain dead on order to mock him.

  • RyZe
    RyZe 2 mesi fa

    "you cant even die right on YouTube" - pyro this is the best quote on YouTube I think pyro when he is serious he has a voice in this world

  • Siao Wun
    Siao Wun 4 mesi fa

    Pyro: let etika rest.

  • Amel
    Amel 1 anno fa

    How does Youtube take down Etikas last words but not these 3AM videoes

  • John Sohn
    John Sohn 4 mesi fa

    Year 2020

  • Dip-a-Chip
    Dip-a-Chip 3 mesi fa

    Me: Hey God do atheists go to hell?

  • Clyde
    Clyde 4 mesi fa