Laughing Man on Brexit Scarica

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  • 29 giu 2016

  • #brexit #regrexit #notmyvote #EUreferendum #BorisJohnson #referendum #Leave #EU #voteleave #voteremain #meme #parody


  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 anni fa

    this mans laugh cures cancer. I god damn love his laugh

  • Mister Fister
    Mister Fister 9 mesi fa

    Here’s a fact:

  • Alberto Fernández
    Alberto Fernández 4 anni fa

    As Spanish native speaker living in the UK my brain almost collapses laughing with the actual things he's saying and the subtitles. So funny.

  • Toilet Man-_
    Toilet Man-_ 1 anno fa

    Youtube: rate this video

  • abonniert sondel gaming


  • Reamindey
    Reamindey 1 anno fa


  • leedav84
    leedav84 4 anni fa

    This is actually the first time I've laughed since the result came in. Much needed, thanks!

  • Ywhy Ddee
    Ywhy Ddee 1 anno fa

    Play it at 2x speed 😂😂

  • Lobstep Gaming
    Lobstep Gaming 2 anni fa

    Finally a politician we can trust!

  • Dave Oyoo
    Dave Oyoo 4 anni fa

    why is this not trending!

  • Blashnagdam Gilbert


  • Tom Dippnall
    Tom Dippnall 2 anni fa

    this guy is a complete legend

  • Our Night out
    Our Night out 4 anni fa

    We know UK is a laughing stock and I get the joke. Laughing releases frustration. This is brilliant. Thanks.

  • Timmy Teeej
    Timmy Teeej 1 anno fa

    Me When someone tells me a joke while i have sore throat

  • London Loves
    London Loves 4 anni fa

    I'm crying with laughter/despair.

  • Taylor Owens
    Taylor Owens 1 anno fa

    Teacher: Mike has two balls

  • yathnot 132
    yathnot 132 1 anno fa

    When you eat a mint before drinking water

  • Hushelle Hernandez
    Hushelle Hernandez 1 anno fa


  • DrDoom
    DrDoom 1 anno fa

    I have his laugh as my ringtone

  • Su Yini
    Su Yini 1 anno fa

    "there is no plan" 😂😂😂😫😫