Kristine W - Some Lovin' - Queer as Folk Scarica

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  • 2 set 2012

  • Copyright 2003 Tommy Boy Entertainment, LLC.


  • Derek V
    Derek V 2 anni fa

    I’ll give Brian some loving alright

  • dazl69
    dazl69 6 anni fa

    I love this song and BRING BACK  Queer as Folk I love it

  • Joseph Provencher
    Joseph Provencher 7 anni fa

    LOVE Miss W., such an INCREDIBLE voice....much love

  • Digital Life
    Digital Life 2 anni fa

    Grammy winning song I still love this song and this version in 2018! From Japan 🇯🇵

  • laminage
    laminage 10 mesi fa

    I have her first CD it is amazing. She reminds me of Anastasia

  • Cristiano Veloso
    Cristiano Veloso 11 mesi fa


  • Evan Tomiko
    Evan Tomiko 3 mesi fa

    My fav was Emmett Honeycutt ❤❤❤

  • Ed Jessup
    Ed Jessup 4 anni fa

    The original vocalist and version under the moniker Liberty City is better.