Kevin Bazinet - Small Crime (Official Audio) Scarica

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  • 11 lug 2019

  • Hey guys! So here's my new single, Small Crime! My new album's coming out this fall and I wanted a touch of 80s for this one! So I hope you enjoy this new sound! If you do, don't forget to share to your friends! :) Available on: Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes and more. Lyrics: A small crime - Kevin Bazinet Take take take take me now When I’m vulnerable When I can’t deny Tell tell tell tell me you're mine When my feelings are gone When I can’t deny Make make make make me yours When my mind is blown And I can’t deny You gotta free I gotta stop time For a good time For a small crime You gotta be real I need a down time For a good time For a small crime You gotta free me I gotta stop time For a good time For a small crime Take take take take my hand Kiss my lips And show me your colors Let let let let this be With our poisoned blood We won’t remember Tell tell tell tell me your mine My common sens is gone And I can’t deny Chorus


  • Karine Ouellet
    Karine Ouellet 1 anno fa

    Toujours excellent tes chansons!!! Wowwww!!! Jai hate davoir ton album entre mes mains!!! Kevinmania un jour kevinmania toujours!! Merciiiii 1000x de ne pas cacher ta voix cher Kevin 🎉😍👌😭😇😘

  • Caroline Gelinas
    Caroline Gelinas 1 anno fa

    Magnifique, les paroles c’est Wow! T’as une plume superbe Kevin en plus d’avoir une voix incroyable! Merci pour cette trop belle et « sexy » chanson. J’ai vraiment hâte de voir toutes les autres chansons qui s’en viennent 😍😱👍🏼❤️😘

  • Mart Paradis
    Mart Paradis 1 anno fa

    My new fav song for summer 2019 ... maybe for all the year !!!! :D MORE PLEASE :P

  • Isabelle Gagné
    Isabelle Gagné 1 anno fa

    😳😱 Surprenant mais j'adore toujours! 🤩😍 Tellement hâte d'avoir ton nouvel album!😁

  • Alexander D'Alesio
    Alexander D'Alesio 1 anno fa

    You are such an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, musician & producer - The world needs to hear your songs - Love this song & can't wait for your others

  • Charlie Cormier
    Charlie Cormier 1 anno fa

    I love it !! 😁

  • Johanne Pedneault
    Johanne Pedneault 1 anno fa


  • Marc-Andre Laplante
    Marc-Andre Laplante 3 giorni fa

    tout est tjs excellent.... tes arrangements sont tjs super!!... bravo

  • Annie Proulx
    Annie Proulx 1 anno fa