Kendrick Lamar - Cut You Off (To Grow Closer) [Lyrics on screen] Scarica

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  • 26 gen 2012

  • Kendrick Lamar - Cut You off (To Grow Closer) from Overly Dedicated mixtape Lyrics on screen video


  • Swoop Gaming
    Swoop Gaming 3 anni fa

    "I'm trying to learn something new, I'm trying to surround myself with people that inspire me." this is literally the stage I'm at in life .

  • Stephan G
    Stephan G 2 anni fa

    Real Kendrick Lamar fans are safe here.

  • God's Child
    God's Child 7 mesi fa

    2020 still vibing too this

  • T C
    T C 4 anni fa

    When Honesty meets Reality.

  • Chi debbie ola
    Chi debbie ola 5 anni fa

    this is how i feel about social media lol

  • Henry J Peterson
    Henry J Peterson 5 anni fa

    "And if I speak the good into existence, that instant my dreams will unlock. Money flow like water, ill just wait at the dock."

  • Don Thrilla
    Don Thrilla 6 anni fa

    Every small positive change we make in ourselves repays us in confidence in the future.

  • Ariel Casas
    Ariel Casas 5 anni fa

    Man definitely an underrated song

  • Sydney Alexis Pender

    I have no complaints about this song.

  • SME J.P
    SME J.P 4 anni fa

    This remind me of That Thing by Lauryn Hill. How both of them recognize the flaws in their social group from men to women.

  • Jack Cowdery
    Jack Cowdery 5 anni fa

    I'm tryna better my chances of becoming a star,

  • Sean batman
    Sean batman 4 anni fa

    everyone can relate to this lmao

  • scr34m1ng
    scr34m1ng 5 anni fa

    You boo boo

  • Kenny Jaisingh
    Kenny Jaisingh 6 anni fa

    That's exactly how it is in my family. Disgusting.

  • Rubeno_24
    Rubeno_24 4 anni fa

    i got some so called friends that i need to cut off

  • Haze Morris
    Haze Morris 1 anno fa

    I’m so glad I matured to the point in my life that I can do more than just appreciate this song but actually apply it to my everyday life.

  • H Marshall
    H Marshall 5 anni fa

    I feel everything he spit I relate on all levels

  • prince49
    prince49 7 anni fa

    2:27 You can literally hear his disgust in his pronunciation. Someone irked him before he got in the booth?

  • DrinkMoWater
    DrinkMoWater 3 anni fa

    Shoutout to the real ones playing this for the old vibes and memories and then some of us play this for the people faking, hollering fake shit he say she say 😏😂😂😂

  • Michael Linton
    Michael Linton 5 anni fa