Kelly Clarkson SLAMS Modern Country Music (And I Mostly Agree) Scarica

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  • 7 set 2019

  • In a recent live stream, Kelly Clarkson had some choice words about the state of modern country music and country radio, and I thought it was worth sharing. Listen to her argument and weigh in for yourself. What do you think? Here is the original Kelly Clarkson Show video: Get the shirt! CONNECT: Website: Patreon: Subreddit: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify:


  • Grady Smith
    Grady Smith 1 anno fa (modificato)

    You know, just a casual little truth bomb from Kelly Clarkson. Hit Like on this video or share it if you agree with her.

  • Hot Dogs
    Hot Dogs 1 anno fa

    You know its bad when a Pop star is defending true country music.

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi 1 anno fa

    Why not call it southern pop and leave country alone!!!

  • Mike Robertson
    Mike Robertson 11 mesi fa

    Today's country is garbage. I never even bother to turn on a country station anymore.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 1 anno fa

    There's no soul. It all sounds the same. I'd rather listen to older music anyday.

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky 11 mesi fa

    Country lost its way when it stopped story tellin'.

  • David Edge
    David Edge 1 anno fa

    I love how the more aggressive she got in the conversation about country music the more you could hear a country accent from her

  • Gordon Damron
    Gordon Damron 11 mesi fa

    “I feel so attacked”. - Florida Georgia Line

  • Amy Wardell
    Amy Wardell 1 anno fa

    Anyone remember SheDaisy? Their harmonies were killer

  • Mysticlees
    Mysticlees 3 mesi fa

    Sam Hunt comes to mind when it comes to NOT being Country.

  • Pete Sacco
    Pete Sacco 4 mesi fa

    Garth Brooks was the beginning of the end of country music. I like how they talk about country music in the 80s and 90s what about 50 60 70s if you want to listen to anything resembling country music listen to musicians a songwriters from Texas forget about Nashville

  • Zirconium Arthiritis

    "When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar"

  • Richard Pinette
    Richard Pinette 3 mesi fa

    Real country music: George Strait , waylon , cash ,tritt, Jackson, Chris jinks, Stapleton, Gary Alan, Hank, etc. the shit they play today is of the upmost garbage

  • P Martin
    P Martin 1 anno fa

    I’ve always loved Kelly Clarkson but.... this right here! 🙋🏾‍♀️ Can we please get the female singers back?! I miss it. Leanne Rhymes, Faith Hill, Shania, Dixie Chicks.

  • Ron G
    Ron G 11 mesi fa

    She's right. And while we're on the subject, enough with the half-singing half-talking songs like Sam Hunt's b.s.. He's got a great singing voice. Sing or talk but not both. And stop with the cadence that came from hiphop. The "dada-dada-dada-da-da-da-dada-da" thing.

  • G Melford
    G Melford 11 mesi fa

    This happened to rock years ago. It still hasn’t recovered.

  • Isaac Trujillo
    Isaac Trujillo 1 anno fa

    “Murder On Music Row” listen to what George and Alan said many years ago!

  • Dennis Clouse
    Dennis Clouse 3 mesi fa

    If there is no fiddle, or steel guitar it ain’t country

  • Ikree R
    Ikree R 2 mesi fa

    The last time I turned on a country station, I heard the country rap. And turned it off. Whatever that was, it was not country.

  • retluoc
    retluoc 3 mesi fa

    You got it Kelly, put on the oldies! I also miss the 80s and 90s country.