Keith Urban - We Were ft. Eric Church (Lyrics) Scarica

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  • 25 ott 2019

  • Artist:Keith Urban Song:We Were Year: 2019 I do not own the song Follow Keith Urban Follow Eric Church Video: Wallpaper: If you don't want a song on my channel,plz contact:


  • Serge Storms
    Serge Storms 10 mesi fa

    prob the song that brings me to tears n realize how i screwed up the most beautiful relationship in my life.. but it makes me appreciate it even more and i wont do it anymore. we were..hmm

  • Abby Thompson
    Abby Thompson 8 mesi fa

    for kids who were raised on country this was the mash up of the year

  • Michael B
    Michael B 8 mesi fa

    I'm straight up classic rock/hard rock guy, but I'm not fuckin stoopid either. I know good song writing, harmonies, and musicianship when I hear it. This checks all the boxes plus pulls on those heart strings😎😎😎keep on, KU

  • Samantha Vega
    Samantha Vega 10 mesi fa