Kanye West - Hands On (Lyrics Video) Scarica

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  • 26 ott 2019

  • JESUS IS KING album by Kanye West source: Kanye West #KanyeWest #HandsOn don't forget to like comment share and subscribe!


  • Ren Bae
    Ren Bae 10 mesi fa

    yooo guys, u just subscribe ok

  • sweetlittleemogirl44

    I hear his cry on this powerful track. I will pray for him, and everybody.

  • Riley Mead
    Riley Mead 2 settimane fa

    Kanye West signed a life contract, effectively selling his soul to the devil. Him running for president is going on strike.

  • George Levy
    George Levy 10 mesi fa

    Subscribed. Thanks for the lyrics for this powerful track. Such an important message and I love the whole album. Wishing you the best and God bless you.