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  • 1 nov 2019

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  • High Notes: Country

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  • Tiffany Chapman
    Tiffany Chapman 11 mesi fa

    I never had a dad! But I’ll be the best mom I can be

  • Stephanie Franey
    Stephanie Franey 11 mesi fa

    I'm balling my eyes out right now 😭😭 please excuse me while I go hug my babies a little tighter this morning ❤

    SWIL QUICKSCOPE 11 mesi fa

    This song hits hard for me I didn’t have my father in my life and this song is exactly how I’m gonna be with my kids when I have one

  • Cyberwave Orchestra
    Cyberwave Orchestra 11 mesi fa

    Lee Brice's 'Boy' is also a great song of this type!

  • Cindi Massey Bates
    Cindi Massey Bates 6 mesi fa (modificato)

    I knew what I wouldn’t do if I ever had a kid!! I can relate so well! My parents were mentally and physically abusive . Being abused taught me that I wouldn’t ever beat my children! I wouldn’t ever call them dummy, stupid or beat their heads up against the wall, I wouldn’t ever throw knifes at them, I wouldn’t ever ever ever hurt them the way I was as a child!! ! I have three daughters and by God, I wasn’t the perfect parent but I knew what I wouldn’t do as a parent and I kept that in my heart and mind ! I never beat my children and I never ever called them hurtful names. I have nothing but love and respect to give them.. ALWAYS! ❤️

  • Ali Amundson
    Ali Amundson 11 mesi fa

    "They say dads are supposed to shape you and in a way I guess mine did. I knew what I wouldn't do if I ever had a kid. They say history repeats itself, well, I guess that's up to me. I grew up without a dad, I'm gonna be the best one I can be."

  • Christy KRAUS
    Christy KRAUS 11 mesi fa

    ❤Kane Brown💙 I absolutely loveeeee this song to your babygirl Miss Kingsley Rose Brown❤ I can tell it has so much from your heart into this Song. Amazing father you are already. ❤❤❤

  • Liz Jones15
    Liz Jones15 5 mesi fa

    My dad has always been there for me. Even when he was across the world in a meeting for work. He got a call from my mom in Pennsylvania USA and needed him to come home. She got some hard news and needed him home. He just landed too, but he got the red eye back to the USA to help his daughter when she said she got molested several times by the Preacher, and that her daughter turned him in. That she is me. He never questioned it and came right home. That's a dad you need

  • Byanca Perez
    Byanca Perez 11 mesi fa

    OBSESSED 😭🥺 It tugs at your heart ❤️ especially when you have 3 girls😩

  • Alissa Holm
    Alissa Holm 6 mesi fa

    Really though, my dad was sent to prison 😫😫 I was sent to foster care with my little brother ! Now I’m determined to be the best mother for my 2 daughters! I will never make them suffer he way I did, although I absolutely LOVE my father! We still talk that MY DAD! y’all talk about dumb shit... my dad DID shape me, regardless of the mistakes he made I love my father

  • Madison Akin
    Madison Akin 6 mesi fa


  • Ruth Hall
    Ruth Hall 11 mesi fa

    I already start crying during the song and I have never had a song that has made me cry. I'm a kid who has a birthday in Nov. This song made me think about the thing I want in my dad but never will probly never get. It also made me thing about the time my dad was not there for me. like my birth and most of the night when I was little. my parents aint' together so it hard for me to see my dad but he does get to see me but he choose not too

  • Raven Willow Grimm
    Raven Willow Grimm 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    I'm crying because I grew up without a dad, and my children has to as well… but I do everything a man a can don't doubt that. It's a beautiful song. My great grandfather is closet to a dad I'd have. He's fixing to be 100.

  • Khilee Bundy
    Khilee Bundy 11 mesi fa

    Someone to play catch with out in the backyard to pick up the pieces of your first broken heart ♥💔

  • Time Creations
    Time Creations 6 mesi fa

    i cant listen to the end where he says " I love you babygirl". My father left when i was four and never again returned. Tbh, if i saw him again, id give him a hug, and then punch him right in the stomach, then cry and hug him some more... I love him, but at the same time i hate his guts for leaving. I know you wont see this, but i miss you daddy. The last time i saw you is my worst image and memory. Him screaming as the police pulled him away. The last words i heard him speak before he left was him YellIng SO LOUD, " Let me say goodbye!"

  • talking and beauty vibes

    I love kane brown . His a amazing singer .

  • Dezarae Ritter
    Dezarae Ritter 11 mesi fa

    My husband and i both grew up without our dad's. You'd never know it though, he's legit the best dad. Works hard for us, tries his damnest to go to all the school things, helps with homework, the kids race to him and it completely melts me. The biggest peace in my life is knowing my children will never know the pain. Of missing someone who just didn't give a damn. Brent Mitchell. Your nothing like your father. Your the best damn dad you can be.

  • Aimee Crown
    Aimee Crown 11 mesi fa

    "Yea I grew up without a dad, I'm gonna be the best one I can be"

  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams 11 mesi fa

    I had a miscarriage a few days ago she was 19 weeks and this song just breaks my heart. My boyfriend would’ve been the best dad ever.