John Salley on Antonio Brown's "Dumb" Blond Mustache: He Needs Better Friends (Part 9) Scarica

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  • 8 dic 2019

  • Part 10: Part 8: Part 1: ----------- In this clip, John Salley opined on Antonio Brown, first ripping him for the blond mustache and later discussing his off the field saga earlier this year. John Salley said that he believes AB was right in what he said about the NFL but it was ultimately something that shouldn't have been said by him. He also explained why AB and any talented player for that matter, playing a team sport should remember they are only a cog in the wheel.


  • Fastball Films
    Fastball Films 10 mesi fa

    When a black man shakes his head when your name is brought’ve done something wrong.

  • Big sponge Gaming
    Big sponge Gaming 10 mesi fa

    Ab is a Florida boy everything makes sense once you realize that

  • Joel Ellis
    Joel Ellis 10 mesi fa

    John Salley shook his head straight off of hearing about AB. That about describes AB at this point: SMH type character

  • Daughter OfAKing
    Daughter OfAKing 10 mesi fa

    Antonio Brown could have still been in the NFL if he wasn't acting like a damn diva! 💀🙄

  • chalinoahuesoduro
    chalinoahuesoduro 10 mesi fa

    Take care of yourself people. Money is nice but nothing will replace your health. Sleep and rest the world will still be there when you wake up.

  • TK Kirkland
    TK Kirkland 10 mesi fa

    Vlad you need to stop lettin John get high before the interview 💨 . He can’t handle his weed like Lord Jamar can.

  • The Chopboard
    The Chopboard 10 mesi fa

    John Salley has had a "cold" for a year now.... lolol

  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 10 mesi fa

    Ppl love using mental health or cte excuse....AB is a straight up clown

  • BlackGambino
    BlackGambino 10 mesi fa

    Man RIP Juice

  • Kohene Moore
    Kohene Moore 10 mesi fa

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing about that stache.

  • Jeremy Ramsey
    Jeremy Ramsey 10 mesi fa

    “He was great on dancing with the stars”. I love weed smokers. 😂😂😂

  • Manny B
    Manny B 10 mesi fa

    "Blame the LGBTQs agent for Antonio Brown" - TK Kirkland

  • ThatKidAce
    ThatKidAce 10 mesi fa

    Crazy how we never heard anything else about that case AB since he got kicked off the team... crazy

  • Chiniwins Bastards
    Chiniwins Bastards 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Lebron, let him talk crazy on the barbershop with that blonde nonsense.

  • Iben T. Rollin
    Iben T. Rollin 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    AB humiliated himself on hard knocks....and took that same energy into the season...

  • discordant dancers
    discordant dancers 10 mesi fa

    The patriots aren't doing just fine without him, they need 1 or 2 recievers, badly.

  • ThaCeoApprovedThis 100

    Vlad wrong for letting Sally sit there with a bugger on his nose 😂😂

  • RP Jake
    RP Jake 10 mesi fa

    Superb point regarding Drew and his “excitable” clients, haha

  • Chuck Norris makes onions cry

    I'm happy that John Salley is officially a regular on Vlad now.

  • ThoughtyouThought600

    Not today the Patriots lost that streakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk