John Legend - Baby, It's Cold Outside (Lyric Video) ft. Kelly Clarkson Scarica

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  • Trasmesso in anteprima il giorno 14 nov 2019

  • Official lyric video for "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by John Legend featuring Kelly Clarkson. Listen to John Legend's "Baby, It's Cold Outside" featuring Kelly Clarkson from the deluxe edition of his holiday album, 'A Legendary Christmas,' available everywhere: Animated by Speelburg Follow John Legend: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Follow Kelly Clarkson Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: #JohnLegend #KellyClarkson #BabyItsColdOutside


  • Cristina Rodriguez
    Cristina Rodriguez 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    This should be titled, baby go outside

  • Tyler
    Tyler 10 mesi fa

    Y’all Really had Murray waiting

  • Adam G
    Adam G 10 mesi fa

    Sounds like John is trying to rush his side girl out of the house before his wife comes home

  • Masterpsflood
    Masterpsflood 10 mesi fa

    This is either parody or cringeworthy, I honestly can't tell

  • Lance Sparks
    Lance Sparks 10 mesi fa

    i just feel like he wants her to go😂

  • Kali
    Kali 9 mesi fa

    Murray waiting outside like

  • VickyMonster13
    VickyMonster13 10 mesi fa

    Tbh, this version sounds creepier than the original

  • stan bts and svt
    stan bts and svt 10 mesi fa

    Murray my man just doing his job

  • Berry B Benson
    Berry B Benson 10 mesi fa

    Bruh she’s giving me creepy vibes by not leaving this dude after 3 and half mins of him telling her to leave

  • K S
    K S 10 mesi fa

    Is this something Buzzfeed dreamt up.

  • Travis Sanchez
    Travis Sanchez 10 mesi fa

    He is kicking her out since she’s the side chick and his girl is coming home

  • Anonymous K
    Anonymous K 10 mesi fa

    I'm happy i can read the lyrics. When listening it sounds like a mess. Then you read the lyrics and you know its a mess

  • SunlightAngel87
    SunlightAngel87 9 mesi fa

    "This version sounds like a date rape song!" whine the people who listen to misogynist lyrics in rap songs. This doesn't sound playful at all. That was the best part of the original song. That which was written by a married couple to sing at holiday parties in the 40s, back when "what's in this drink" was a slang term for "oops I said/did something embarrassing." This sounds like he's trying to get her to go, not playfully tease her to stay. What a shame. You know, not everything that is old is bad, people. Come on.

  • rnjbond
    rnjbond 10 mesi fa

    It's your body and your choice lol this is so bad

  • YaddaYadda Whatnot
    YaddaYadda Whatnot 10 mesi fa

    This atrocity makes me want to punch a baby reindeer...

  • Bella Hartman
    Bella Hartman 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    These are just ridiculous lyrics

  • Allie Hartnett
    Allie Hartnett 10 mesi fa

    Murray is such a legend

  • Lemon Illustrates
    Lemon Illustrates 10 mesi fa

    Did anyone notice when she said "maybe just a cigarette more" it showed a vape. Or is it just me

  • Kira Naegle
    Kira Naegle 10 mesi fa

    I... can’t tell if this is a joke 😂

  • T. Hane
    T. Hane 10 mesi fa

    This song should be called "Decking the halls with Blue balls"