JHope Chicken Noodle Soup Dance Tutorial Part 2 (EASY) | BTS Tik Tok Dance Challenge Scarica

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  • 10 ott 2019

  • Take your TikTok game to the next level with this BTS dance challenge! 😉#YouCanDoIt Here's part 1: https://youtu.be/WFInqSq4lV8 Feel free to check out my other Tik Tok dance tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Please let me know if you have any requests for future dance tutorials or if there's anything I could improve for future dance tutorials. Also, please like and subscribe if you liked it 😊 I hope you enjoy the video! Let's dance dance dance! - Bao Tran _______________________________________________________ TAGS: #BTS #ChickenNoodleSoup #TikTok Title: JHope Chicken Noodle Soup Dance Tutorial Part 2 (EASY) | BTS Tik Tok Dance Challenge


  • Nalia West
    Nalia West 11 mesi fa

    Ahhhh omg I was featured!!!😭😭❤️

  • Nalia West
    Nalia West 11 mesi fa

    Back for part 2, you're the best omg!!😂

  • Isabella G. Cavalcante

    10/10 Fantastic! ❤️

  • Kᴇʟsᴇʏ.
    Kᴇʟsᴇʏ. 11 mesi fa

    You’re so happy whilst dancing. I can tell it’s something you enjoy doing a lot. That’s fantastic to see. Because I see you joyful, it makes me feel the same way.

  • I purple you
    I purple you 7 mesi fa

    OMG YOU ARE AN AWESOME DANCER TEACHER,,, this is the first time I learned all the steps... PLEASE COVER BLACK SWAN AND OTHER BTS DANCES 👍🏽

  • Victoria_18
    Victoria_18 10 mesi fa

    Thank youuu!!!! Because of you I could learn this danceee!!!💖💖

  • Chloelee Mcivor
    Chloelee Mcivor 11 mesi fa


  • i am bts hater bts sucks
    i am bts hater bts sucks 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    moving my legs are so Hard 😐

  • Kyuumiko
    Kyuumiko 11 mesi fa

    nice another part!

  • Simunul Franz F. Petalio

    I Subscribed Because Of The 223

  • Juan Pablo Huitron
    Juan Pablo Huitron 10 mesi fa

    Can you do vibin from the game fortnite please? 🙏

  • Harsh raj
    Harsh raj 6 mesi fa

    Please make a video on fire 🔥 bts

  • Strizzez Gaming
    Strizzez Gaming 11 mesi fa (modificato)

    I know this one probably wont be picked but can you do the leek dance that the farm girl did? Like the levan polka?

  • Sankhar Bhandari
    Sankhar Bhandari 2 mesi fa

    Any army over here !!

  • نامجون ويو

    انا طالبه من مصر بحب اتعلم منك الرقص شكرا لك كثيرا

  • J4cks0n247
    J4cks0n247 11 mesi fa

    Can you do Overdrive?

  • Samantha Loudermilk
    Samantha Loudermilk 10 mesi fa

    can you do how to do the drop emote from fortnite

  • Sandara Park
    Sandara Park 11 mesi fa

    Nice dance it's like you are playing not dancing hahaha

  • Mr. Poem
    Mr. Poem 11 mesi fa


  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage 9 mesi fa

    Usually, peoples who watch KPOP, BTS, J Hope, Jungkook or whatever is the people who have no boyfriends. No boys watch Koreas. cause they seems suc