Jhené Aiko - Nobody (Official Audio) Scarica

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  • 2 ott 2017

  • Music video by Jhené Aiko performing Nobody. (C) 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. #JheneAiko #Nobody #Vevo


  • Loraine Mzizi
    Loraine Mzizi 2 anni fa

    "since I was under the age...I been under the influence of pain..." this line gets me every time

  • Jack Nickols
    Jack Nickols 2 anni fa

    I feel like everyone's saying this is a good song (which it is) but nobody's actually listening to what she's saying. This girl done been through a lot and it's obvious she used drugs as a coping mechanism, but that's what music needs, the realness 💯 cause she does have a pretty face but listen to her music and you can see everything she's been through. 💪🏾 Strong one ❤️

    KELL LO 2 anni fa

    Ppl disappoint you so much in life that they push you to feel like you don’t need no one. 😔

  • Koron Lambert
    Koron Lambert 2 anni fa

    Bro that “Take This” part is nasty send chills down my soul

  • xx_Realeyez88_
    xx_Realeyez88_ 2 anni fa

    jhene is my soul partner, ive been rocking with her forever. Born the same yr, had our child the same yr and lost a close person in the same yr . All her music speaks volumes and now im dealing with the loss of my mummy and im just trying to hold on. I was glad to see jhene in concert on 11/24 3 days before my mummy passed away on 11/27 and it was her birthday the day she died😢

  • James Givens
    James Givens 2 anni fa (modificato)

    'Who am I enough for' that line gets me every time...

  • jade Raven
    jade Raven 2 anni fa (modificato)

    I'm depressed.... feeling low. Don't even wanna be on this Earth no more. I feel ugly...bf is a cheater. Work is stressful....i hate myself. Nobody don't love me...I'm alone and I got no one. I just wanna Miss work pop pills go to sleep and never wake up again.

  • jamyson williams
    jamyson williams 2 anni fa

    I smoke on my own I drink on my own I know it's wrong!! The people I know they just want to know what's going on...............😕🙄😩

  • Jay Ro
    Jay Ro 5 mesi fa

    This song is the perfect example of being in a place where you do need help but people have let you down so much or dont really give a shit that you learn to rely on yourself because depending on someone else means problems and hurt

  • Ash
    Ash 2 anni fa

    been listening to her lately bc her music I the only thing keeping sane

  • Devin Winter
    Devin Winter 2 anni fa

    As soon as that last minute starts and she sings about her life leading up to the pill popping, it gets so real. Whenever I hear her sing "I don't have my brother...take this." it hits me so hard.

  • Rudra B
    Rudra B 2 anni fa

    The people who souley listen to jhene have the rare, powerful and deep souls. I love reading the beauty in all the comments I feel like I've found my new world, jhene truly has one of the most special fan bases. ♥️

  • Imani Merck
    Imani Merck 2 anni fa

    Am I the only who see's the cover art moving?

  • Isabel A
    Isabel A 2 anni fa

    why we always lose what we work for?

  • PrincessAmandaTV
    PrincessAmandaTV 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Never seen my mother cry

  • Jamelah Anderson
    Jamelah Anderson 2 anni fa

    The mind set of a Pisces!!! I get in this mode often!!!!

  • xoxosh
    xoxosh 2 anni fa

    Idk how she does it. I love every single song 😩

  • Anastashia Jones
    Anastashia Jones 2 anni fa

    Yes, I am aware I am tripping

  • Pretty Bird
    Pretty Bird 2 anni fa

    Grab my purse with my prescriptions in it, (Take this),Tiny bursts of optimism in them,(Take this),I’m reversing my decision to win – Jhene’s lyrics slay !

  • Noble Bautista
    Noble Bautista 2 anni fa

    “I’m reversing my decision to win” GETS ME EVERYTIME