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  • 27 dic 2018



  • roses are rosie
    roses are rosie 1 anno fa

    Jennie helped write SOLO

  • Krul Tepes
    Krul Tepes 1 anno fa

    "they're squishy n soft like my cheeks" AAAA JENNIEYAAA WYD SO CUTE

  • 노윤영
    노윤영 1 anno fa

    The people who were in that room is very lucky people I want a mochi too. Who wants Jennie’s mochi

  • Bouamri Redouane
    Bouamri Redouane 3 mesi fa

    I don't know why I don't like her...

  • A Nirmala
    A Nirmala 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Guys please remember that this series was produced by can see it in the credits in her last episode....... it wasnt yge this was jennies idea and money........the other members may not be interested in doing anthing like this or maybe something different but please dont start hating on jennie again that yge is promoting her more and all if that shit please

  • Harshitha Moosala
    Harshitha Moosala 1 anno fa

    Guys, she is from the one who produced these series with her own money not YGE

  • jeideelianne medequiso

    Their solos is in order. Jennie is the first one to be introduced as the first member of bp so she is the first one to have a solo.

  • Elsa Sabila
    Elsa Sabila 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I miss jennie diary... 😔

  • zgé
    zgé 1 anno fa

    Kim Jisoo💕

  • Milly _Studio
    Milly _Studio 1 anno fa


  • Foodie Wanderer
    Foodie Wanderer 1 mese fa

    She drew more than 50 mochis!! She really loves her fans 😭

  • armlink 4ever
    armlink 4ever 1 mese fa

    Anyone watching in 2020; after hylt?

  • Ricci Gonzales
    Ricci Gonzales 1 anno fa

    You're so lucky if you received that from Jennie

  • Nathalia Tabilon
    Nathalia Tabilon 2 mesi fa

    Watching jennie's solo diary again before her MV reaches 500M. Yay! She's the most genuine idol for me.

  • Jervic Calimlim
    Jervic Calimlim 2 mesi fa

    Jennie is the sweetest. Huhuhuhu. I love her so much. WATCHING THIS AT 2020

  • Rosé Park
    Rosé Park 1 anno fa

    BLACKPINK will be performing in U.S. Music Festival Coachella

  • Marc Kenneth
    Marc Kenneth 1 anno fa

    Jennie draws random staff like Lisa mochi, Kuma mochi, BP lightstick mochi and etc.

  • Frosty Sapphire
    Frosty Sapphire 1 anno fa


    MOHH AMMEDZ 1 anno fa


  • Alexandra Gonzalez
    Alexandra Gonzalez 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Anyone watching in 2019???