How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite Scarica

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  • 27 ott 2018

  • Would you know what to do if you were bitten by a venomous snake? Getting immediate medical care is key. Dr. Leslie Boyer, a medical toxinologist, told that "if you've been bitten by a snake, no matter how good you feel, don't be the driver. Going into shock at highway speed is very, very bad, so you want to have a professional paramedic team or EMT team driving you to the hospital." If you're not near a vehicle, try not to travel on your own power.


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    Actually, the best tip is;

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    How to survive a snake bite

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    How to survive a snake.

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    Just draw a circle around the bite mark with an U.There u got an smiley emoji.

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    This may be the first ACTUAL “expert” inside edition has had on here

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    Or just take an Uber it’s way cheaper than an ambulance

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    We asked our get bitten by angry noodle expert

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    Helpful video but I live in a place with no snakes

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    Phew at least there's no snakes where I live!

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    Glad I don't have venomous snakes where I live.

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    How to survive a poisonous snake bite?

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    What if you die on impact?

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    dont get bitten

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    To Survive a Venom Snake Bite is to not go Near a Snake. When you see a Venom Snake from a Distance while your walking walks away don't want towards it like a idiot.

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    they would be takeing me to the funeral home because I would had a heart attack and die. I hate them so much.