How to play Aatrox Scarica

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  • 12 gen 2018

  • Aatrox is not Bad, he's just not Great. Streaming on youtube for now, subscribe for notifications. Artist NAM inquires- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


  • Miyui
    Miyui 2 anni fa

    How to play attrox?

  • Demigod Robespierre

    "I may be 22 years old but I have the body of a 12 year old girl."

  • JIO Branjo
    JIO Branjo 2 anni fa


  • Caenen
    Caenen 2 anni fa

    Lol wtf are those donations x)

  • pubba13452
    pubba13452 2 anni fa

    As an aatrox main this video angers me, for he did not say anything edgy

  • EinfachNurTill
    EinfachNurTill 2 anni fa

    As an answere: No, if the child is dead it's pedophilia and necrophilia at the same time

  • Filthy Jones
    Filthy Jones 2 anni fa

    I was hoping for an actual guide... I am dissapointed

  • Ned
    Ned 2 anni fa


  • Mitch Oldham
    Mitch Oldham 2 anni fa

    "Unstopable by the way" - Daung Haup

  • The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades 2 anni fa

    Good thing I always make sure to ban Aatrox every game

  • Tsuikaya
    Tsuikaya 2 anni fa

    Only girls are allowed to play Aatrox, they know how a blood well works.

  • Damjan Dakić
    Damjan Dakić 2 anni fa

    i remember when i started playing league. my friend always played aatrox while i played mordekaiser

  • ERROR 404
    ERROR 404 2 anni fa

    You dont

  • Sant Josep
    Sant Josep 2 anni fa

    For some reason my internet goes up to 200 500 ms when y play Aatrox too

  • MeoMiles
    MeoMiles 2 anni fa

    Wow didn't even put my dono's in the vid what a low tier streamer. I'm going back to T1.

  • Zach Kester
    Zach Kester 2 anni fa

    i had to downvote this only because I don't want people playing my main. Keep aatrox a secret!

  • Erik Ludwig
    Erik Ludwig 2 anni fa

    What a nice new Ryze rework!

  • Daniel Kordab
    Daniel Kordab 2 anni fa


  • Sprynts
    Sprynts 2 anni fa

    4 Days of Aatrox coming? xD

  • Thanh Trung
    Thanh Trung 2 anni fa