How To Make An Ant Farm/Nest/Formicarium! Scarica

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  • 20 gen 2019

  • Hey guys! In this video I'll show you how to make a simple yet amazing looking ant nest for next to nothing! Ant Invasion Out. Check Out Our Facebook Group Here: Check Out Our Twitter Here: Snapchat User Name: antinvasionreal Instagram: Music by: Ryan Cullinane Lee Rosevere Coldnoise


  • probably irrelevant

    Great video as always. I might even be tempted to use plaster again for formicaria, how does this plaster compare to plaster of paris?

  • Kash Money
    Kash Money 1 anno fa

    Thanks for this video! I didn’t want to have to spend like 50$ on a super small formicarium. Earned my subscription.(and the bell)

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Nice work. Keep it up man. As for the designs, I cant decide. And most likely will get one (mostly to support you and the channel tho haha)

  • Ishan Roy Chowdhury

    We can also use modeling clay instead of sand?

  • PrePixel
    PrePixel 1 anno fa

    This channel is growing nicely great to see your success and i hope you continue to grow. You inspired me to begin to keep ants however my first queen a Camponotus had eggs but died suddenly but all my next ant queens have been thriving since you motivated me to try and try again. I hope one day to be able to keep species such as rhytidoponera and bull ants since they are near to me. Keep pushing out great content

    TUBZZII M8 1 anno fa

    It’s 1:30 am???

  • Novo Ants
    Novo Ants 1 anno fa

    I really like this video. I haven’t tried to make one like this so I might give it a go now. The posters are cool as well. 👍🏼

  • Ants SEA
    Ants SEA 1 anno fa

    Amazing nest! Can't wait to have one like that. Also, try developing a game about insects please!

  • AntsTampa
    AntsTampa 1 anno fa

    Love this design... I used clay with plaster molding for my most recent one but this is a nice approach as well!

  • Chilli
    Chilli 1 anno fa

    i thought you already did a video of this?

  • Luke
    Luke 1 anno fa

    oh yeah yeah

  • David Grau Banks
    David Grau Banks 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Nice work! Im sure which ever ants you decide to put in there will love it! 👌

  • Andy Montechiarini
    Andy Montechiarini 1 anno fa

    [ft. watch]

  • LazerDuck 3001
    LazerDuck 3001 1 anno fa


  • dungeonlair
    dungeonlair 1 mese fa

    Awesome video my friend, thank you for sharing. Several weeks ago I captured 2 fire ant queens. In one colony the first few workers have emerged. I'm looking to create a formicarium, but I've never done this before.

  • ruben goes fishing
    ruben goes fishing 1 anno fa

    Hello ant invasion

  • Aura.-.
    Aura.-. 1 anno fa

    First and nice video can’t wait to make one myself for my big headed ant

  • Don Ochetti
    Don Ochetti 9 mesi fa

    Thank you, very informative!

  • Camponotus Kingdom
    Camponotus Kingdom 1 anno fa

    Great video! Definitely the camponotus consobrinus, she is beautiful.

  • Australian Animals
    Australian Animals 1 anno fa

    Great work Eli love the vid👍