How To Make a Custom Instagram Face Filter Scarica

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  • 19 set 2019

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  • Kwazy FX2
    Kwazy FX2 11 mesi fa

    Why are there so many clones of Jacksfilms in this video

  • Dylan Pellegrino
    Dylan Pellegrino 11 mesi fa

    Plot twist this is how they normally look and the filter is fake as a plot to not have to have a face filter all the time.

  • Edward C
    Edward C 11 mesi fa

    Potion seller, I'm going into battle and I need your strongest renders!

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 11 mesi fa

    "I work at DreamWorks"

  • frroossst
    frroossst 11 mesi fa

    You just made a automatic thumbnail generator/creator for PewDiePie

  • Vivek Yadav
    Vivek Yadav 11 mesi fa (modificato)


  • G Fabb
    G Fabb 11 mesi fa

    So when is the R rated Shrek tourny fight video???

  • GeneralBison
    GeneralBison 11 mesi fa

    When they say "It's in the description" and it's not actually in the description

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 11 mesi fa

    thanks for the headphone warning, that was a close one!

  • Damien Wayne
    Damien Wayne 11 mesi fa

    you guys should make a separate effect called "Big brain", with the numbers/equations effect added on top. Then you can look funny and smart at the same time XD

  • Joel Walters
    Joel Walters 11 mesi fa

    I actually love how passionate wren always is

  • Alero Cillo
    Alero Cillo 11 mesi fa

    Sees headphone warning

  • AleJohnDrom
    AleJohnDrom 11 mesi fa

    I love how every one of corridors videos is genuinely entertaining throughout the whole video

  • Simon
    Simon 11 mesi fa

    Lol, the scrunch face filter reminds me of Jack Ma.

  • The Ultimate Champion

    Wren learns new things faster than his PC can render anything!

  • Cameron Rushton
    Cameron Rushton 11 mesi fa

    So why is Instagram so dumb to not have a search bar in the filters menu... Am I doing it wrong lol?

  • we schleep
    we schleep 11 mesi fa

    Am i the only guy who thinks he sounds like Birdperson?

  • GhostRider12
    GhostRider12 11 mesi fa


  • Liam Henry
    Liam Henry 11 mesi fa


  • waxton
    waxton 11 mesi fa

    you should actually make the hangover math filter when someone frowns