How These Everyday Things Were Invented Scarica

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  • 18 nov 2019

  • The 20th century was a time of great innovation. From the automobile to the personal computer, inventors used their imaginations and skills to create products that have had an indelible impact on human existence. And we are thankful for their ingenuity. There have also been inventors who put their minds to devising all manner of sugary, silly and simply strange things. Sure, we could live without cotton candy, the Super Soaker and those inflatable tubes that flail about in front of car dealerships—but how much fun would that be? Today, we pay tribute to all those inventors that make life all the more exciting. This Great Big Reel was made possible by Lexus: SUBSCRIBE: This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly:


  • SkyroofNova72
    SkyroofNova72 10 mesi fa

    A dentist created cotton candy? Talk about job security.

  • Nikhit S
    Nikhit S 10 mesi fa

    Dr. Nakamats is a heckin anime character

  • Chi chan
    Chi chan 10 mesi fa

    Dentist creates food that destroys your teeth, you go to dentist to fix it. Dentist makes more money.

  • The Dolphin
    The Dolphin 10 mesi fa

    Person: So how many patents do you have?

    MDNGHT 10 mesi fa

    That Japanese grandpa took the spotlight.

  • Kristinus Vincent
    Kristinus Vincent 10 mesi fa

    Nakamats: give me an idea or i'll drown you in a swimming pool

  • Josh
    Josh 10 mesi fa

    Conspiracy: James Morrison invented Fairy Floss so more people would go to him with cavities.

  • Duchi
    Duchi 10 mesi fa

    "Don't forget to Floss"

  • Doodem
    Doodem 10 mesi fa

    Nakamats confidence is truly inspiring

  • Tosh T
    Tosh T 10 mesi fa

    I didn't know the inflatable tube guy was called a

  • Nick Salty
    Nick Salty 10 mesi fa

    Mr. Nakamats is life goals. Wish i could meet the guy in person i bet he would be really fun to hang out with and drink wine and talk.

  • Robert Schlesinger
    Robert Schlesinger 10 mesi fa

    Great, inspirational video. I met Dr. Nakamats during the early 1980's at a computer graphics convention, where he was even then tauted for his computer-related inventions. He seemed a rather eccentric and productive inventor, even amongst the most eccentric inventors. And having been in the patent law field since 1980, I've seen all sorts of eccentric inventors.

  • Johnson Prabu
    Johnson Prabu 10 mesi fa

    Dr Nakamats truly made my day what an inspiring story ! Finding a person like him is very very rare these days !

  • Azliana Lyana
    Azliana Lyana 10 mesi fa

    Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats is a wonderful old man. Live stronger Dr! You're the best inventor. Bless your kind soul.

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    I hope to invent a way to keep people out of my forest

  • Mae Balane
    Mae Balane 10 mesi fa

    I just got a ad about great big story before i watched this vid like what someone spying on me or something???

  • fired09
    fired09 10 mesi fa (modificato)


  • lewis cromfield
    lewis cromfield 10 mesi fa

    the nasa made the super soaker a thermoelectric converter and the bloody m60

  • Florisa Nogueira
    Florisa Nogueira 10 mesi fa

    Why did we stopped calling fairy floss to cotton candy?!

  • ZoeSoft
    ZoeSoft 10 mesi fa

    Dr. Nakamats is AWESOME!