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  • 2 nov 2019

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  • Limitless
    Limitless 10 mesi fa

    Harry is that person who doesn't message in the group chat

  • Jules Mather
    Jules Mather 3 mesi fa

    Tobi set up Simon and Talia, Josh and Freya, and helped JJ lose his virginity.

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 10 mesi fa

    Harry: "You made the other guy's, but you didn't make me."

  • Ben Samasoni
    Ben Samasoni 3 mesi fa

    1992-1996: The Sidemen members are born

  • a.
    a. 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    JJ: that’s when I lost my virginity

  • Kunal Singh
    Kunal Singh 8 mesi fa


  • IDunno
    IDunno 10 mesi fa

    The irony when vikk joined in as a “technician” to give them info about YouTube shutting down etc etc

  • Jack Sweeney
    Jack Sweeney 10 mesi fa

    “Harry wasn’t born, Harry was made.”

  • Sharwin Harkal
    Sharwin Harkal 10 mesi fa

    This is the most Vikk has talked without getting interrupted.

  • Trix
    Trix 10 mesi fa


  • Ridz
    Ridz 10 mesi fa

    Without josh, the sidemen would never have happend.

  • Keira Bagnall
    Keira Bagnall 6 mesi fa

    Harry: “Scissors”

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 10 mesi fa

    Can we take a moment for josh literally being Harry’s parent 😂❤️

  • Unknown Crazy
    Unknown Crazy 10 mesi fa

    Harry is like that one guy in a high school group who came from a different elementary and has no idea what everyone is talking about

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 10 mesi fa

    They don’t meet Harry until

  • Farah Luna
    Farah Luna 10 mesi fa


  • Blaise McCarthy
    Blaise McCarthy 8 mesi fa

    Watch Tobi

  • Mike Dean
    Mike Dean 10 mesi fa

    When u know callux was so close to joining these lot

  • Gooner Jev
    Gooner Jev 10 mesi fa

    First time I’ve seen JJ and vik actually have a normal conversation

  • poppydotnet
    poppydotnet 5 mesi fa

    Vik: "I was devastated!"