How Do You Check The Battery Life On The Apple Airpods With An iPhone Scarica

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  • 20 gen 2018

  • This is video I show you how to check the airpods battery life with the iPhone. Airpods: Airpods Pro: How to check when they are not in the case: Equipment I Use For My Videos: https://sidscheckmarketing.blogspot.c... Follow Me: My Amazon Store: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Blog: (All products) Blog: (Exercise related products)


  • SidsTips
    SidsTips 8 mesi fa


  • El Osvi B
    El Osvi B 1 anno fa

    How many of you were watching this video with your AirPods on? Lol

  • Jack Stewart
    Jack Stewart 1 anno fa

    The thing doesn’t pop up on my screen

  • Karen Portillo
    Karen Portillo 1 anno fa

    I was hearing this with my AirPods 😂

  • Katherinenic Rodriguez

    Thanks I was having some trouble 😃

  • PsychoReader
    PsychoReader 1 anno fa (modificato)

    That don’t happen for me like 90 percent of the time

  • unknown
    unknown 1 anno fa

    Who just got AirPods today for Christmas ?

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz 1 anno fa

    Just to help you guys out you have to have the 12.2 update or something like that for them to work

  • Arigrande sedeno
    Arigrande sedeno 10 mesi fa

    Wait so one of my air pod doesn’t work does the left one need charging or something?

  • Cheano Matadin
    Cheano Matadin 8 mesi fa

    That thing doesnt pop up on my screen and before an houre ago it did it

  • Ardit Stena
    Ardit Stena 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I was having the same problem as i just got my airpods today. The solution is to make sure youve updated your phone. i just did this and it works just like it did in the video

  • Peiman Ghahraman
    Peiman Ghahraman 1 anno fa

    Guys if this don’t work try to disconnect and so then connect again it gonna work!

  • No NaMe
    No NaMe 10 mesi fa

    This was actually helpful thnx

  • King oj and King aj

    I am hearing with my AirPods

  • Jiggy D
    Jiggy D 11 mesi fa

    Thanks alot!

  • Christopher Delaney

    Doesn’t even give me the option when I click on the blue icon to customize my AirPods this is weird and dump

  • Yourlocalelf
    Yourlocalelf 1 giorno fa

    Lol mine said 0% XD

  • halley ponce
    halley ponce 6 mesi fa

    If you move the case a little bit when u open it and it’s close next to your phone it works a lot more, I stg

  • Elinis’s World!
    Elinis’s World! 4 mesi fa

    I lost my other AirPod so I only have one

  • djski121
    djski121 3 mesi fa

    Thank you!