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  • 8 nov 2019

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  • Aj the great
    Aj the great 10 mesi fa

    Here’s how many Omi in a hellcat fans in here👇🏾

  • Woman.Driven
    Woman.Driven 10 mesi fa

    Thank you as always for keeping it real. Keep grinding!

  • Anthony Anthony
    Anthony Anthony 10 mesi fa

    Damm son...just imagine if he invested all that money into property! The come up would be real

  • Jorge M
    Jorge M 10 mesi fa

    Tall guy: " Buying a car straight cash is the dumbest investment you can do"

  • jonnie dizzoe
    jonnie dizzoe 10 mesi fa

    I think those stock rims on the McLaren look good to be honest

  • ChiefCee
    ChiefCee 10 mesi fa

    Thank me later G Squad!!!

  • Gizmooo V
    Gizmooo V 10 mesi fa

    No one :

  • Michael Erving
    Michael Erving 10 mesi fa

    Smells like 30% APR in here brodie

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    40K down, 3,700/month, with 2,500 miles annually for a lease? idk man, that sounds like an awful deal

  • Jesse Kaiman
    Jesse Kaiman 10 mesi fa

    "$1,700" Damn. "$1,100" I guess that ain't to bad. "$3,700"

  • Chastity Villaverde
    Chastity Villaverde 10 mesi fa

    U best check them laws and rules before vloggin in Dubai 😂😂

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart 10 mesi fa

    40k on a rental down payment, lot to justify as a "leap of faith"

  • Concept LA
    Concept LA 10 mesi fa

    Props to you for being able to grind hard and afford all that ! But LACDJR ripped you off champeen, redeye lease is like $1300 a month and Rebel like $600-700 :/ We are brokers sell them all the time, contact any broker next time playa!

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B 10 mesi fa

    Tell me do you know the feelin???? WOAH WOAH WOAH

  • Chavez Sanchious
    Chavez Sanchious 10 mesi fa

    I dont see the point in counting another man's pocket. No disrespect to anyone else.

  • MiamiMade Coupe
    MiamiMade Coupe 10 mesi fa

    Dont forget the doors go up champeen😭

  • Hector Hermosillo
    Hector Hermosillo 10 mesi fa

    I work at Modesto CJDR and let me tell you that those numbers are a rip off!!! See me next time bro or hit me up. ILL SHOW YOU WHAT A GOOD DEAL IS ON A HELLCAT OR RAM

  • HFR83
    HFR83 10 mesi fa

    $1,100 for a rebel lease? Something ain't right about those numbers

  • Jose Paez
    Jose Paez 10 mesi fa

    He needs real investments like real estate

  • 1968TruckTurner
    1968TruckTurner 10 mesi fa

    Very smart! Every single mile, gas, insurance payment, flight, toll, meal, camera, Internet fee is a write off!