HARRY STYLES - Watermelon Sugar live in Los Angeles (13/12/2019 - The Forum) Scarica

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  • 14 dic 2019


  • Praparazzi
    Praparazzi 9 mesi fa

    the fact that he said "i want all your bellies" with that hand gesture, i cannntttt even

  • cousin's goals
    cousin's goals 9 mesi fa

    How to make Harry styles happy? Just sing his song as loud as you can.🤗 that smile when the crowd was singing is so priceless. I just love this guy so much.😊❤️

  • back2aguilera
    back2aguilera 8 mesi fa

    I love, love, love when he dances!

  • Reality_Crush
    Reality_Crush 4 mesi fa

    Crowd ft. Harry Styles

  • Sociopath Not A Psychopath

    Harry: I want all your bellies

  • Ainara
    Ainara 2 mesi fa


  • Euis Suharyani
    Euis Suharyani 9 mesi fa

    Younger mick jager omfg

  • angela kilimo
    angela kilimo 9 mesi fa

    When he starts his crazy dance💖 my heart😢

  • Ed Zielinski
    Ed Zielinski 9 mesi fa

    Harry: I will rock your Watermelon world while I wear my Watermelon shirt and blow your Watermelon mind!

  • Laura Bancsok
    Laura Bancsok 8 mesi fa

    i love this song on the album. But when I listen to the live version, I love the song even more 🙂

  • Mikela Rasmussen
    Mikela Rasmussen 9 mesi fa

    how do I smash a billion like's on this..!! Thank you 33

  • Prateeti_psy_2
    Prateeti_psy_2 3 mesi fa

    This man can literally wear a sack or a rug and still pull it off like anything ♥️

  • Temple Manning
    Temple Manning 9 mesi fa

    This is great, thank you for uploading these.

  • Gema Duque
    Gema Duque 9 mesi fa

    I love that song so much!! Thank you Gaëlle for recording and uploading this

  • Rahma Inayah
    Rahma Inayah 9 mesi fa

    those hand gestures are just so

  • Kateřina Odermattová
    Kateřina Odermattová 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    Harry: I want all your bellies

  • sunflower maria
    sunflower maria 9 mesi fa

    It's my favourite song from the album 💜

  • gabrielacamargo21
    gabrielacamargo21 9 mesi fa

    Love this. I'm excited for September!

  • Ada Santizo
    Ada Santizo 2 mesi fa

    Ugh he’s so perfect 🥺

  • Stormy_Norrisnuts
    Stormy_Norrisnuts 1 mese fa

    I love how he dosent use the music in the background to fool ppl