Hall of Famer Greg Maddux on How He'd Pitch in Today's MLB | The Dan Patrick Show | 1/17/19 Scarica

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  • 17 gen 2019


  • KneeDeep2231
    KneeDeep2231 1 anno fa

    He'd strike out 300 a season with .90 ERA the way players swing at everything nowadays

  • Livin' in OB
    Livin' in OB 2 giorni fa

    “You just can’t do it,” he said. Sometimes hitters can pick up differences in spin. They can identify pitches if there are different releases points or if a curveball starts with an upward hump as it leaves the pitcher’s hand. But if a pitcher can change speeds, every hitter is helpless, limited by human vision.

  • Euro American
    Euro American 1 anno fa

    Exactly the same. Carving them up.

  • Douglas Leon 11
    Douglas Leon 11 1 anno fa

    MadDog!! The greatest

  • Brian Connelly
    Brian Connelly 1 settimana fa

    With the grooved swings these guys have had since Little League, he'd easily lead the league in wins and ERA every year. He threw a 78 pitch complete game for heaven's sake.

  • Cabe Culbertson
    Cabe Culbertson 1 anno fa

    Even if he didn't strike out everyone he would lead the league in groundball by making these guys swing at pitches they shouldnt. The best of my generation for sure.

  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Maddux would be the greatest pitcher of all time. Hell he is In the talk already

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson 1 giorno fa

    Think Randy Johnson to get a clearer picture. He'd do nothing different.

  • Tommy C.
    Tommy C. 1 settimana fa

    Greg Maddux is my favorite pitcher of all time, you know.

  • Steve Sacchetti
    Steve Sacchetti 1 mese fa

    One of the best ever. Loved to see him pitch a ball game!

  • O-khan Whong
    O-khan Whong 1 anno fa

    2 seamer!

  • RickFortune
    RickFortune 1 settimana fa

    One of my two all time favorite players. Him as a pitcher and Ichiro as a hitter/position player.

  • paidxtra
    paidxtra 1 anno fa

    The surgeon

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 2 mesi fa

    Lol. He would make a mockery of those launch angles.

  • Drunk Grandma
    Drunk Grandma 1 anno fa

    Clark Kent

  • Not Mick Blotters
    Not Mick Blotters 12 ore fa

    So far from a baseball fan but Jomboy taught me that Maddox was absolutely nasty.

  • C G42
    C G42 4 mesi fa

    Maddux threw how many complete games with less than 100 pitches?

  • BAYBears85
    BAYBears85 20 ore fa

    He’d be Dallas Keuchel^8.

  • John Long
    John Long 5 giorni fa

    If Kyle Hendricks can do it so could Maddux. Their stuff if pretty similar

  • Devilz DandruFF
    Devilz DandruFF 1 anno fa

    Greg, Pedro and Randy were all amazing. Those three were the best of their generation.