Gran Turismo 1 - Simulation mode: Chevrolet menu tune Scarica

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  • 28 mag 2008

  • My personal favorite of all the car shop tunes. Just listen to it!


  • meyaw Abdulaziz
    meyaw Abdulaziz 4 anni fa

    i wish the current gran turismo would make a song for every shop you enter

  • Jimm
    Jimm 4 anni fa

    The best racing game released on PS1.

  • Quantum Surge
    Quantum Surge 6 anni fa

    The photo and music together make me feel like I'm in a heavenly place.

  • Ryan Maxwell
    Ryan Maxwell 6 anni fa

    Bought this game and a ps1 in 97' and still play em today. This takes me back yall remember the 90's lol

  • Ruben
    Ruben 7 anni fa

    Really? Because i think that is the Z28 Concept... He probably has the Z28, still a great car, anyway.

  • Ismail Addictionz
    Ismail Addictionz 4 anni fa

    This soundtrack is epic!

    PRO WARRIOR01 4 anni fa

    This is what todays racing games are missing! Having each manufacturer have their own music when you go into their showroom. So much better and makes them all so unique and awesome! I love this game :D

  • submaniac93
    submaniac93 10 anni fa

    GT1 knew how to give personality in each company. A thing the others lost.

  • Wesley Pierre
    Wesley Pierre 8 anni fa

    i love this music, when i get this camaro, imma make a CD and put this song on it and listen to it while driving, thumbs up if you think u might do it too

  • ZhadoxFlamez
    ZhadoxFlamez 9 anni fa

    That car almost looks like its smiling. That's why it was my favorite.

  • steven mccoig
    steven mccoig 7 anni fa

    Walk into a Chevy dealer and play this song on your iPod.

  • bienvenidoz
    bienvenidoz 12 anni fa

    i'd upload more, if i could! :( the uploader gives me an odd error that the videos are too large, in reality the video files are very small, something from 500kb to 3 megs :S

  • bienvenidoz
    bienvenidoz 12 anni fa

    i want to thank everyone for subscribing :) this positive feedback just makes me wanna upload more and more!

  • h xd
    h xd 1 anno fa

    makes me think im in the real future and makes me have nostalgic cancer and spirits of games

  • bienvenidoz
    bienvenidoz 12 anni fa

    nevermind, got the problem solved and uploaded another theme!

  • Das Känguru
    Das Känguru 10 anni fa

    everytimes i hear this i feel mighty and if the song stops i can remember how weak i am :-/

  • Aveoxus
    Aveoxus 12 anni fa

    ^~^ yeah, the Escudo is my all time favorite car in GT2,3, and 4.. even though in GT3 and 4 the Escudo was a banshee as far as controlability XD I can do it though. lulz Great job on submitting these too btw.. so natalgic 3

  • grayfoxrex
    grayfoxrex 10 anni fa

    I Love this music is my favorite of GT1 awesome , very good song

  • Aveoxus
    Aveoxus 12 anni fa

    I agree bienvenidoz, this is probably my favorite too XD I like all of them so much though, TVR's escpecially, cause I loved my Moonraker Black Griffith 500 lol

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz 12 anni fa

    damn this video made me remember very nice moments in my play station one lol 5/5