Grace Force Podcast Episode 2 Aug. 21, 2019 Scarica

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  • 21 ago 2019

  • Dr. Taylor Marshall joins Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry for a discussion of his new book, "Infiltration: the Plot to Destroy the Church from Within." The men also discuss how a simple routine of prayer, Holy Mass attendance and purity of life can transform anyone. Despite the seriousness of the times, the men agreed, there are plenty of reasons for hope. Dr. Marshall's book can be purchased on, where it is currently the No. 1 bestseller in the Christian Institutions and Organizations category. To learn more about Dr. Marshall and his work, visit More from Fr. Richard Heilman To follow more of Fr. Richard Heilman’s teachings, subscribe to the podcast of his Sunday homilies on Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music, or browse through them on the St. Mary of Pine Bluff Catholic Church web site. Also follow Father’s writings on the U.S. Grace Force and Roman Catholic Man web sites. More from Doug Barry Follow Doug on his YouTube channel and read more on the Battle Ready web site. U.S. Grace Force Gear Official USGF gear can be purchased from the USGF Store (, including Combat Rosaries, prayer books, scapular medals, T-shirts, caps, holy water and blessed salt flasks, and the Peace Through Strength Challenge Coin. Check out the USGF collection, powered by Roman Catholic Gear.


  • Jean Ann Connole
    Jean Ann Connole 1 anno fa

    St. Maximillion Kolbe said that, "The most deadly poison of our times is indifference."

  • Dr Taylor Marshall
    Dr Taylor Marshall 1 anno fa

    Thanks for having me on Grace Force Father Heilman and Doug!

  • Traditionalstew
    Traditionalstew 1 anno fa

    Salute to three dynamic soldiers for our Lord. Outstanding video

  • John Jeffrey
    John Jeffrey 1 anno fa

    We cannot loose with our 12 star General, Our Blessed Lord, and legions of angels lead by St. Michael.

  • Madeleine Prendergast

    THANK YOU! These videos are great to keep the troops together and motivate.

  • Julius 1917
    Julius 1917 1 anno fa

    Lets win this battle for God's glory

  • Nancy Janzen
    Nancy Janzen 1 anno fa

    I believed first. I studied all the doctrines and dogmas and the writings of popes after.

  • Florence Moyers
    Florence Moyers 1 anno fa

    I am so thankful for this Grace Force. I am trying very hard to keep motivated with my prayer life. God Bless all of us everyday.

  • Samwise G
    Samwise G 1 anno fa

    You just made me feel better Dr. Marshall!! : ) I never seem to be able to keep track of readings and special things that need to be done in a novena- but you just said some are covering those who are building- as a homeschooler with 7 kids and we're actively trying to build up our new TLM parish plus trying to support a new traditional priest in our local parish- I'm definitely in the trenches- that you for making that clear. Loved the book! Thank you! : )

  • Pauline Reyna
    Pauline Reyna 1 anno fa

    Great interview! We are truly learning how to stand against the forces of evil. Hope to see another podcast soon. Viva Cristo Rey💗🔥

  • Elizabeth Mejia
    Elizabeth Mejia 1 anno fa

    This is amazing. Fr. Heilman always leaves us with a sense of hope Love all these strong Catholic men fighting for our Church.

  • Missi White
    Missi White 1 anno fa

    Thank you Father and gentlemen....videos are so encouraging and helpful. So very needed. God Bless you!

  • figurefour633
    figurefour633 1 anno fa

    Thank You Fr for leading us into battle!

  • Craig Schiro
    Craig Schiro 1 anno fa

    Dear Holy Mother Mary purge the Catholic Church of those who willingly betray your Son our blessed Lord Jesus Christ! Ask God to send St. Michael the archangel to cast Satin and the Demonic into Hell. Increase our Faith, Hope and Charity to Love God and serve Jesus Christ courageously !

  • Ann Seeton
    Ann Seeton 1 anno fa

    I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the prayers.

  • Jacqueline Maria
    Jacqueline Maria 1 anno fa

    Mother Mary wants us through the message of Fatima to pray for sinners and their conversions. This is what love is. Thank you for letting us be spiritual warriors. I've been telling many through social media and word by mouth to join.

  • trulyloveyou
    trulyloveyou 1 anno fa (modificato)

    It is the sins of presumption and despair. We have lost hope as a nation. So right. I love what you all said. We need grace, hope and to remember we win in the end. God bless all of you! 3

  • K BC
    K BC 1 anno fa

    Prayers for God's glory and mercy for all souls Mother Mary we need you as our Mother now

  • Elizabeth Dunn
    Elizabeth Dunn 1 anno fa

    Family Rosary Rally in San Francisco, Oct 5th 10am starting at the cathedral.

  • Renee Baranek
    Renee Baranek 1 anno fa

    Thank you for this podcast. Keep motivating and empowering the troops. Many, many of us are fighting the battle alone within our families. It helps tremendously knowing we're not alone.