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  • 7 giu 2019

  • Polaroid. By Jonas Blue, Liam Payne and Lennon Stella


  • Devil_ wings
    Devil_ wings 5 mesi fa

    OMG IM SOO SORRY SUPER SUPER SORRY YOU HAVE AWESOME EDITING I was just having a rough day it's just work on the eyes but off you like them keep em they are awesome like you and your personality! Stay awesome miss universe

  • WeirdoKate ALWAYS
    WeirdoKate ALWAYS 4 mesi fa

    I love this song....

  • Back It
    Back It 2 mesi fa

    This is amazing

  • ༺Morosis༻
    ༺Morosis༻ 2 mesi fa

    Well I was hoping that it was gonna be imagine dragon’s song, but its okay!

  • PotatoPeco
    PotatoPeco 1 anno fa

    I love it! It's so refreshing!!

  • Crazy Abbyz
    Crazy Abbyz 1 anno fa

    Good Job! :D

  • • PepperxCup •
    • PepperxCup • 11 mesi fa

    Perfect video Miss Universe! love the video!

  • I Am Bella
    I Am Bella 6 mesi fa

    This deserves more likes and views and you deserve more subs because you are so so so outstanding

  • Devil_ wings
    Devil_ wings 5 mesi fa

    Can we be friends I'm always lonley And loveeeeeee your vids I watch them every day I feel like ur my sis plssssssss

  • Saiyan x
    Saiyan x 9 mesi fa

    Nice keep up good work