Gaten Matarazzo, Gabriella Pizzolo - The NeverEnding Story (Karaoke Version) from "Stranger Things" Scarica

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  • 24 lug 2019

  • Karaoke sing along of “The NeverEnding Story” by Gaten Matarazzo, Gabriella Pizzolo from "Stranger Things" from Sing King Karaoke Stay tuned for brand new karaoke videos by subscribing here: 🔔 Don’t forget to hit that notification bell! 🔔 You can also find us on: ▪️ Facebook - ▪️ Instagram - ▪️ Twitter - Join our mailing list to stay in the loop for all things Sing King: Watch more Sing King Karaoke: ▪️ Party Starters: ▪️ Ballads & Love Songs: ▪️ Disney: ▪️ Latest Videos: ▪️ Popular Videos: About Sing King Karaoke: Welcome to the official Sing King Karaoke YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of karaoke and sing along videos with lyrics, including pop rock, R&B, hip hop, piano, acoustic, and electropop genres from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, ABBA, and more. If you like music, singing along, learning song lyrics, or karaoke, sing along to them in style with Sing King Karaoke, your number one source for YouTube karaoke and lyrics. #SingKingKaraoke #StrangerThings #DustinAndSuzie


  • Kathryn Solomon
    Kathryn Solomon 1 anno fa

    Everyone else: 😫😡😰🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️⬅️👿

  • Mimi
    Mimi 1 anno fa

    I hope Dusty-bun and Suzie-poo sing this song with this karaoke

  • Siti Rashid
    Siti Rashid 1 anno fa

    imagining the mindflayer chasing me from the back

  • Honeymoon Vocals
    Honeymoon Vocals 1 anno fa

    This is the best thing ever put on youtube

  • tayaldc
    tayaldc 1 anno fa

    Thank you so much for making this! I am obsessed with this song right now

  • Itz_Gacha
    Itz_Gacha 1 anno fa

    This was a really bad idea.... my neighbors heard me😂😂😭😭

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 1 anno fa

    if you really pay attention to the lyrics, it kinda tells the story of stranger things

  • Sing King
    Sing King 1 anno fa

    Neverending stoooo-REEEEEEEEEEE

  • • Gabzilla •
    • Gabzilla • 1 anno fa (modificato)

    "Dream A Dream, And What You See Will Be.."

  • shut up cause Its hazelnut

    I miss stranger things now. Thanks for reminding me this perfect song😍😍

  • The One Jack
    The One Jack 1 anno fa

    Who else had Dustin and suzie singing in their head as the lyrics passed by

  • sujailee rosado
    sujailee rosado 1 anno fa

    i never clicked so fast on a video

  • Autumn Essence 007
    Autumn Essence 007 1 anno fa


  • Jeffy
    Jeffy 11 mesi fa

    Stranger things fans so am i

  • Tyanna Lovelace
    Tyanna Lovelace 1 anno fa

    Great vid! Me and my family had a great time using the lyrics! 😃😁

  • Jaidah's Dreamland
    Jaidah's Dreamland 1 anno fa


  • Hannah Eve
    Hannah Eve 1 anno fa

    This was the most unexpectedly pleasant upload I’ve seen all day 😂

  • janisha thomas
    janisha thomas 1 anno fa

    ommmggg thank youuuu who else loves this from ST💓

  • Catalina Pérez
    Catalina Pérez 1 anno fa

    I love the song and the scene, but it was the reason why Billy and Hopper died 😭

  • Guadalupe Gil
    Guadalupe Gil 1 anno fa

    It was funny when Dustin and Suzie sang it on stranger things!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂