From their CMA performance with Halsey, Lady Antebellum perform 'What If I Never Get Over You' Scarica

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  • 20 nov 2019

  • Following Lady Antebellum and Halsey's epic performance at the CMA Awards, check out this stripped down version of "What If I Never Get Over You" and "Let It Be Love." #LadyAntebellum #WhatIfINeverGetOverYou #LetItBeLove


  • P. Michael Robertson

    Hillary is so amazing. Charles seems to always hit those notes juuusssttt when I think he's gonna crack!

  • sierraforever29
    sierraforever29 9 mesi fa

    Hillary is so beautiful. And such a beautiful voice.

  • Christina Z
    Christina Z 9 mesi fa

    So perfect 😍🎶🔥💯❤️

  • Mike Kuczynski
    Mike Kuczynski 9 mesi fa

    Ya that’s what we are talking about

  • icc2010
    icc2010 9 mesi fa

    Sounding like the recording everytime

  • abi boter
    abi boter 10 mesi fa


  • Bruce Henry
    Bruce Henry 9 mesi fa

    Where's Halsey ?? One word - Beautiful!!

  • wspeng3 Engineer3
    wspeng3 Engineer3 9 mesi fa


  • Bianx 727
    Bianx 727 10 mesi fa