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  • 6 nov 2019

  • Before winter comes we were able to market some of our winter wheat and clean out another building for equipment storage. It was a smooth operation! That is until the John Deere 844 loader broke down... ------------------------------------------------ VIDEO EDITED BY MODI -------------- ------------------------------------------------ NEED A LOGO? -------------- Sarah Welker can help! ------------------------------------------------ SEND US MAIL! -------------- P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474 ------------------------------------------------ GRAB SOME GEAR! -------------- HATS, SHIRTS & MORE: ----------------------------------------------- WANT MORE WELKER FARMS? -------------- JOIN US ON PATREON: FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: JOIN ON DISCORD: ------------------------------------------------ CAMERA GEAR WE USE -------------- ------------------------------------------------ Because music is picked by editors from licensing websites, we are not always able to provide links to the origin. Typical locations are Artlist and Epidemic Sound.


  • Adrenalin
    Adrenalin 10 mesi fa

    Y'all blew up the farming video genre on YouTube and it keeps getting better

  • Warren Holmar
    Warren Holmar 10 mesi fa

    Haha great to see Dad

  • 84FLOP
    84FLOP 10 mesi fa

    Aaaaaah that cliffhanger🙃

  • Cowboy 145
    Cowboy 145 10 mesi fa

    Let's count the times the magnet dosent work on the camera lmao

  • Brad Lilly
    Brad Lilly 10 mesi fa

    "Do you ever just don't know what to say to the camera?"

  • Clunk
    Clunk 10 mesi fa

    Just noticed the bit of card that says 'Case' over the john deer logo on the skid steer. Nice.

  • SJ K
    SJ K 10 mesi fa

    Now that's just mean finishing on a half sentence.

  • Elizabeth Hogenson
    Elizabeth Hogenson 10 mesi fa

    testing cameras 😂. That dog always makes me smile 🙂.

  • ROY cracker
    ROY cracker 10 mesi fa

    Let the air out of the tires and they will fit in the barn .

  • Jack Illing
    Jack Illing 10 mesi fa

    I think its so cool how you guys have involved your dad more and more, so cool to see him telling his silly little jokes, its a blessing working with family.

  • Not Sam Sam Sucks
    Not Sam Sam Sucks 10 mesi fa

    That dog is mad 😂

  • Demo Man
    Demo Man 10 mesi fa

    It’s like watching real life farming sim and I love it

  • Sven Volwater
    Sven Volwater 10 mesi fa

    300k coming real soon👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Owen Scheider
    Owen Scheider 10 mesi fa

    Farmers always improvise: Don't have a chain or rope, use a ratchet strap.

  • Mike105
    Mike105 10 mesi fa

    LOVE the paper CASE sign over the John Deere decal on the skid steer. LOL

  • SirDigger420
    SirDigger420 10 mesi fa

    Love that CASE Cardboard on the SkidSteer..

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker 10 mesi fa

    That international harvester is a sound track all on its own

  • Jared Lumbert
    Jared Lumbert 10 mesi fa

    Cameras weren’t having it today 😂

  • Shaun Liedtke
    Shaun Liedtke 10 mesi fa

    Remember, if you ate today. Thank a farmer!!

  • Tracy
    Tracy 10 mesi fa

    Ether is a curse word on my family’s farm, we plug stuff in or it doesn’t run. Are we the only ones?