Former LAPD top cop Charlie Beck named Interim Chicago Police Superintendent Scarica

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  • 8 nov 2019

  • Charlie Beck, who retired last year as top cop of the Los Angeles Police Department, was officially introduced Friday morning as Chicago’s interim police superintendent, replacing outgoing Supt. Eddie Johnson. Subscribe to our channel! Visit our website: Support local journalism: The Chicago Sun-Times is the hardest-working paper in America, covering the stories and issues that matter most to Chicago’s working men and women with depth, integrity and grit. Winner of eight Pulitzer prizes, the Sun-Times features hard-hitting investigative reporting, in-depth political coverage, insightful sports analysis, entertainment reviews and cultural commentary delivered directly to readers, in print and online. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


  • James Scoles
    James Scoles 10 mesi fa

    14,000+ Policeman in Chicago and you couldn't find a new Replacement from within?

  • Domepeace_ltd productions

    why bother? chicago is a lost cause.

  • YK
    YK 10 mesi fa

    He is chosen just because he looks like the Blue Blood guy...

  • Chicago PD Transparency


    13BRAVO REDLEG 10 mesi fa

    Chicago needs another Affirmative Action vibrant diversity hire!😝

  • M Tio
    M Tio 10 mesi fa

    Is this some sort of charity mission Beck is on?

  • Audrey Evans
    Audrey Evans 9 mesi fa

    I pray for the people of Chicago because the mayor has just hired a recently retired under a cloud police chief from Los Angeles.

  • account closed
    account closed 10 mesi fa


  • Bunny Fisw
    Bunny Fisw 10 mesi fa

    Why do we always look to whites to solve everything

  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith 10 mesi fa

    This is called transparency leadership in Chicago. The city remains a failure. Corruption, incompetence, theft, inequality and murder is saturated within the culture. Hopelessness for the future. I am glad that I left this Savage city 4 decades ago. My brother was murdered and CPD refused to bring the Barbaric Demonic Savages to trial. I have zero problem with the whole city burning to the ground.

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 10 mesi fa

    This fool is as bad as Johnson, so where is the improvement? Chicago went form a crooked black chief to a crooked white chief, so where's the difference! Different color, same mold. The mayor has not done a damn thing but replace a bad chief with another bad chief and the people of Chicago will still suffer from lack of enforcement. Nothing different!

  • mike
    mike 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    A white guy????? Wait didnt they get rid of the last chief cause he was white. Mayor wanted a black chief so he can relate to the residents

  • Bunny Fisw
    Bunny Fisw 10 mesi fa

    That's a slap in the face to the 14,000 other cops to replace the current chief with someone from Los Angeles

  • William Brown
    William Brown 10 mesi fa

    The New Superintendent lives in Los Angeles but works here in

  • First Last
    First Last 10 mesi fa

    This won't solve anything because the problem is Democrats have ruled Chicago for the last 100 years. Way to elect em Chicagostanians!

  • Ayaka Yokota
    Ayaka Yokota 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    I lives Los Angeles.Charie was Chief of LAPD.He's nice guy.

  • Based Haole
    Based Haole 10 mesi fa

    LAPD top cop....that's like saying the mafias top Hitman...

  • 312vandal
    312vandal 10 mesi fa

    What a slap in the face to Chicago cops that deserved this job, why bring another outsider?! Mcarthy couldn't cut it, neither will this bootleg Tom Selleck.

  • Chicago PD Transparency

    Everything and everyone was sacrificed for Rahm’s re-election and presidential (!) ambitions.