Foreign tourists robbed Scarica

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  • 28 dic 2019

  • Police have launched a manhunt for suspects who robbed nine foreign tourists in Phalaborwa. Courtesy of #DStv403


  • Dre Eazee
    Dre Eazee 8 mesi fa

    If they would only put this much effort into the everyday crime that happens on daily basis.

  • Sonja Le Roux
    Sonja Le Roux 8 mesi fa

    What is new? They can be glad to leave the country alive. Hope they tell their stories on International News

  • Harold Govender
    Harold Govender 8 mesi fa

    Really sad that this has happened to these tourists. Wouldn't it be nice if such a multi pronged approach was also used to track down the murderers and hijackers that the local citizens are faced with on a daily basis.

  • Zoo Lander
    Zoo Lander 8 mesi fa

    Happy days South Africa under the rule of african national corrupters who release 14 000 prisoners. Going back to the dark ages.

  • king quad s
    king quad s 8 mesi fa

    Police working round the clock, ten years later, no arrests have been made😂😂😂 we have the best police force in the world.

  • Patricia Kim Worsley

    They were stupid to come here in the first place with the murder/crime rate!!!

  • Patrick Jacobs
    Patrick Jacobs 8 mesi fa

    Nationalisation in full glory!!

  • AmsFox
    AmsFox 8 mesi fa


  • Washington M
    Washington M 8 mesi fa

    Its the SANDF!

  • William ZAR
    William ZAR 8 mesi fa

    leke !!

  • Sandy Haggland
    Sandy Haggland 8 mesi fa

    I encourage my friends and family all the time to stay away from RSA period and not to visit me anymore cause here criminals have more rights so until this changes they stay away

  • African Dissident
    African Dissident 8 mesi fa

    Tourists should really learn to follow the advice of their tour guides and stay inside the caspir.

  • Lala Doomie
    Lala Doomie 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    They can be glad they not leving SA in body bags, the true SA experience welkom to SA.

  • Bok ram
    Bok ram 8 mesi fa

    They want to hide their country of origin because they helped create this mess that is SA......they were robbed by the very people they supported during the "struggle"......

  • hendo19742
    hendo19742 8 mesi fa


  • Lionel Walton
    Lionel Walton 8 mesi fa

    These thugs are not going to be found. This country is run by a bunch of thugs.

  • sam conway
    sam conway 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    They won't find them. They might pick up another group of criminals and pin it on them. South Africa is a dangerous place to visit.

  • Pablo Pabloh
    Pablo Pabloh 8 mesi fa

    South Africa is bad😭

  • Justin Joseph
    Justin Joseph 8 mesi fa

    Stop visiting SA and stop investing in SA.

  • Dillon Jonathan.
    Dillon Jonathan. 8 mesi fa

    thy deserve it