FaZe H1ghSky *RETURNS* & REVEALS his TRUE AGE for the FIRST TIME! (H1ghsky Mom Helps) Scarica

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  • 5 giu 2019

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  • Koolboi
    Koolboi 1 anno fa

    We've gone from soccer mom's to fortnite moms

  • Caleb McCoy
    Caleb McCoy 1 anno fa

    What season did you play in

  • G Ramos
    G Ramos 1 anno fa

    Next video: Streamers shocked by FaZe H1ghsky age

  • L-m-a-o
    L-m-a-o 1 anno fa


  • aei -
    aei - 1 anno fa

    He respects his mother so much. I love that, he’s a great kid. His parents seem very caring and teach him properly. Kudos to mom and dad

  • RedTigerz
    RedTigerz 1 anno fa


  • Person In Space
    Person In Space 1 anno fa (modificato)


  • Crosby
    Crosby 1 anno fa

    He says he’s 13

  • Don't Worry
    Don't Worry 1 anno fa

    H1ghsky : your really heavy

  • Cursedツ
    Cursedツ 1 anno fa

    He protecc

  • High_itsmejake 2
    High_itsmejake 2 1 anno fa


  • Luhqi
    Luhqi 3 mesi fa

    Imagine high sky being 12 but hitting puberty before sceptic when he’s 15💀😂

  • Clampzzy
    Clampzzy 1 anno fa

    Literally last year : the best 10 yr old(h1ghsky)

  • Mr.Gacha. YT
    Mr.Gacha. YT 1 anno fa


  • MalcolmGTA
    MalcolmGTA 1 anno fa

    Duh, it was really obvious that he’s underage 😂 we all knew that from the start

    PR1NCE_JUSTIN 1 anno fa


  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 1 anno fa

    I am 13.

  • Anonymous 718
    Anonymous 718 1 anno fa

    "Im only 12 Im sorry" with a full smile you say that when you are smiling

  • Fezee
    Fezee 1 anno fa

    H1GHSK1: “Hold “W” to move forward”

    SKRMZ 1 anno fa

    You can hear the REAL one saying goo goo gaa gaa in the background. He’s actually a 1 year old.