EASY way to pass Postal Exam 473 for USPS. LITTLE TO NO STUDY NEEDED Scarica

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  • 17 mag 2016

  • the link to the practice exam http://usapostalexam.org/pracexams.php PLEASE like subscribe and ask questions if you have them. I am here to help.


  • BannedByDemand
    BannedByDemand 4 anni fa

    i have already went through ALL my training. Tomorrow is my first day with no supervision. GOOD LUCK everyone.

  • Missphotogenic Baby

    Ugh I got an 77.5 🙈 I feel like an idiot lol

  • Angelbunnys
    Angelbunnys 4 anni fa

    Thanks for this, I just took mine today and got an 84.70. Congratulations on successfully getting the job!

  • Missy Babby
    Missy Babby 3 anni fa

    Man you have no idea how much this tutorial helped me ! I passed with 80% thanks to you !!!

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 2 anni fa

    I passed with a 84.40%. *I literally made myself sick thinking about the memory part. Wow! Thanks again for the video.

  • Mamaganja
    Mamaganja 3 anni fa

    I just applied to be a Mail Processing Clerk. My bfs sister just got hired with them as a Mail Handler and apparently there is a wave of retirees that need to be replaced so they're hiring here left and right. Wish me luck :D

  • Knightfall
    Knightfall 3 anni fa

    Thanks so much bro! Passed the test with an 83.9 and I have my interview tomorrow.

  • Beverlon Mason
    Beverlon Mason 4 anni fa

    I want to thank you! !! I took exam today received a 86.40. Now just waiting to hear from them.

  • Ox Prime
    Ox Prime 4 anni fa

    on the last part, being that im taking my test at a library, couldnt i just write the chart down on paper to help me?

  • John DeMarco
    John DeMarco 3 anni fa

    During the test can you use CNTRL+F on the memorization section?

  • K. Wright
    K. Wright 3 anni fa

    This whole thread was very helpful, the video and comments. Very informative! Thanks for sharing with us Jordan Ashbaugh👍👍👍

  • Topknotkid 07
    Topknotkid 07 2 anni fa

    What kind of interview questions do they ask ?

  • Linzy Byrd
    Linzy Byrd 3 anni fa

    I just wanted to say thank you I watched this video and passed my exam this morning. Great advice. Hopefully interview process next.

  • karina ocasio
    karina ocasio 3 anni fa

    Thank you. Im taking test tomorrow this really helped me.

  • jen jen
    jen jen 3 anni fa

    Thank you! I just took mines today and got a 84.80

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 2 anni fa

    Thank you for posting this, as I take the exam tomorrow. I appreciate you for thinking of others.

  • applesomething
    applesomething 4 anni fa

    I'll be practicing today. Thank you so much for this video!

  • Maggie H
    Maggie H 3 anni fa

    Thanks for the video, just took my exam today.

  • Diana Rhyne
    Diana Rhyne 3 anni fa

    Thank you! Doing my assessment today. 😜

  • Taylor Harrison
    Taylor Harrison 3 anni fa

    Thanks for the video. I think you may have helped me simplify the memory coding section. I've been WAY over thinking that section during practice. Thanks for the tip!