EASY way to pass Postal Exam 473 for USPS. LITTLE TO NO STUDY NEEDED Scarica

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  • 17 mag 2016

  • the link to the practice exam http://usapostalexam.org/pracexams.php PLEASE like subscribe and ask questions if you have them. I am here to help.


  • BannedByDemand
    BannedByDemand 4 anni fa

    i have already went through ALL my training. Tomorrow is my first day with no supervision. GOOD LUCK everyone.

  • Angelbunnys
    Angelbunnys 4 anni fa

    Thanks for this, I just took mine today and got an 84.70. Congratulations on successfully getting the job!

  • Missy Babby
    Missy Babby 3 anni fa

    Man you have no idea how much this tutorial helped me ! I passed with 80% thanks to you !!!

  • Mamaganja
    Mamaganja 3 anni fa

    I just applied to be a Mail Processing Clerk. My bfs sister just got hired with them as a Mail Handler and apparently there is a wave of retirees that need to be replaced so they're hiring here left and right. Wish me luck :D

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 2 anni fa

    I passed with a 84.40%. *I literally made myself sick thinking about the memory part. Wow! Thanks again for the video.

  • Sean
    Sean 3 anni fa (modificato)

    I just took the test. Here is my advice for the memory part. First: They will give you a practice part to memorize that doesn't count towards anything. USE ALL OF THIS TIME because the the table they give for the practice one is the same for the real one. I wouldn't even bother trying to fill in the answer, just keep going over the table.

  • Knightfall
    Knightfall 3 anni fa

    Thanks so much bro! Passed the test with an 83.9 and I have my interview tomorrow.

  • Floyd Suttle
    Floyd Suttle 1 anno fa

    I watched this video the night before, and I had to work the next morning at my other job. So I left work for my break, and went and took the test and made an 83.6. The only thing I did was watch this video. Thanks!

  • N H
    N H 3 anni fa

    Just took the exam today...my hardest part was the address checking part. About 40 questions in I didnt realize some of the addresses added just an "S" at the end of the road so it would be wrong so I went back to the beginning and went through all of them again and then continued on...there were quite a few i had to change...either way i ran out of time and 6 were left empty. I still say that was where my greatest hit in points came from cause even going through some of them again when I started rushing towards the end most of them just started looking all the same to me. I think as time kept going down it put a little more pressure than I thought I would have over answering 60 questions in 11 minutes. If I didn't need to go back and recheck those other 40 answers I would've been able to finish it but I would've had a hand full more wrong in that area...so I rechecked the first 40 and had to rushed the last 20 but only got 14 of those down not knowing if I was 100% right. Six were left blank. This was the only part were I felt pressured. After that you should be good.

  • Mandy C
    Mandy C 4 anni fa

    used this for practice scored an 85% but I felt the practice test was alot harder....I know the first section you get 11 minutes not 6 also you don't have you scroll up and down so much... thanx

  • K. Wright
    K. Wright 3 anni fa

    This whole thread was very helpful, the video and comments. Very informative! Thanks for sharing with us Jordan Ashbaugh👍👍👍

  • John DeMarco
    John DeMarco 3 anni fa

    During the test can you use CNTRL+F on the memorization section?

  • Beverlon Mason
    Beverlon Mason 4 anni fa

    I want to thank you! !! I took exam today received a 86.40. Now just waiting to hear from them.

  • Topknotkid 07
    Topknotkid 07 2 anni fa

    What kind of interview questions do they ask ?

  • jen jen
    jen jen 3 anni fa

    Thank you! I just took mines today and got a 84.80

  • J Troche
    J Troche 1 anno fa

    Could you Write the table during the test like taking it then when this part comes put it on a sheet of paper to like remeber it? Or they dont give you to write?

  • Santross 13
    Santross 13 3 anni fa

    Thanks. This video helped me a lot. I took the test today and I scored 81.80.

  • Go_getta _
    Go_getta _ 1 anno fa


  • Peace Love
    Peace Love 3 anni fa

    thank you Jordan

  • Just Joyce
    Just Joyce 4 anni fa

    Bri Bri, I know right! Jordan's suggestion will help me with that part... I'll focus on the street names and try to remember which